Zune HD Hardware Review


Best price for a Zune HD: http://goo.gl/7BRza

Watch the Unboxing Here: http://bit.ly/7kxIKe
Wrapsol for the Zune HD: http://bit.ly/7a961F

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  1. XxImprisonedAngelxX
    XxImprisonedAngelxX says:

    i really like the zune because it has a more artsy flare to it. I don't really play apps and i don't a bunch of games that suck my mp3 battery dry when i need to listen to music. That's why its called a mp3 player right? I think microsoft did a fabulous job not ignoring that aspect. The quality of sound is great and it makes it easy to organize and find my music which is why i love it 😀

  2. Arrianna Silva
    Arrianna Silva says:

    iPod is better what an idiot!!!!!! Zunes are ugly media players period point blank. From the old ones to the newest ones they suck and I'm not just saying that I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Before Zune tries to challenge iPod make sure you have a product that doesn't look like pure shit give it some style instead of making it look like a damn box.

  3. M Sofia
    M Sofia says:

    That's it?
    It's REAL sad to even open the market with a few apps.
    That's the only thing stoping me from getting one, AND the fact it has no speaker, but the speaker part not so much. I love Zune and I DON'T want to face the fact that Apple does things better but I can't D;

  4. BWOne
    BWOne says:

    Yeah but if you can record the original source in 60fps you can still upload that frame rate. It will downsize it but the more higher quality you give youtube the better it looks when they re-encode it for your channel. Right now I'm uploading everything in 1080p 60fps now since youtube does accept it officially (except screencast which I can only do 720p in) and the video quality has look superb and will look for those that may watch a youtube video on their TV.


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