ZUGU MUSE Case Review for the iPad Pro 11"


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The All-New Zugu Muse nails it…
Some companies make super thin cases with not much drop protection, some companies make cases that are so bulky and protective you could throw them off mount Everest.
Zugu makes a case customers want, a case with a super functional stand, a case that is thin but still protective enough to withstand 5ft drops onto cement & a case that looks as good as it functions.

Pick yours up here:
ZUGU CASE The Muse Case – 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H7VK7K8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_j61kCb6P10XNH

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  1. guy manitoba
    guy manitoba says:

    I came back to this video again.
    I finally got this case because SUPcase UB pro's stand has broken 🙁
    Anyway this case is amazing. I have a tempered glass with this case now.
    Thanks a lot for recommendation of case and tempered glass 🙂

  2. linkay316
    linkay316 says:

    Am I the only person who holds their iPad like a notebook or a book? Really? Everyone is just propping it up to watch stuff? Can’t find a single review of this case to show what happens when you fold the cover behind it and hold it like a notepad while sitting in a chair, for instance. Does it just flap loose? Does it somehow magnet to the back? Why does nobody mention this in reviews?

  3. Crystal He
    Crystal He says:

    I am a college student who uses notability to record lectures, does the thick protective case mess with recording or the mics (is the recording more quiet)??

  4. Vasile Finta
    Vasile Finta says:

    Thanks for the video :).
    I find these 2 minuses should be included for this case:
    – Pen side could of been thicker to fully protect the pen from getting knocked off the iPad during insertion in the backpack
    – Support stand should be resting on the inside part, not outside, to not collect dirt or abrasive particles that can smudge or scratch the screen/screen protector

    And on the plus side:
    – Pen support is nice, specially that it has a thin plastic layer between the pen and iPad ongoing, that protects the ipad and pen from scratching each other from the contact, while still charging it

  5. Judith F
    Judith F says:

    So today i experienced,actually witnessed 2 features about the Zugu case,that I have to tell you guys it’s disappointing because,there aren’t there,and secondly because because the information given was incorrect. First,the cover doesn’t have the magnets that would turn the screen on and off. Bummer. The second,which actually is much , more important, the Apple pencil when placed in the cradle on top of the iPad,doesn’t ALWAYS charge. I seen it with my own eyes. There is a piece of TPU between the iPad and the pencil that prevents to charge the pencil properly. When you check the status of the pencil,it shows that it’s there,but it’s not charging,actually losing charge. You have to push the pencil in to start charging. Ho will keep their finger there and push the pencil so it will charge? Maybe the magnet is not strong enough to charge the pencil with a material between. Actually it happened to me,i put a silicon sleeve on the pencil to protect it,it said it would charge no problem,and it didn’t,i had to take it off. So,in case of the Zugu case you either take the chance that when you push in the pencil it will charge all the way,or the more secure thing,you take he case off,and that defies the purpose. Another bummer,,but Zugu never sold this case emphasizing that it will definitely charge the pencil. It’s an expensive case,it should have both of those things,but the information was wrong.

  6. oggy jack
    oggy jack says:

    Wow! you actually bought it. Nice review!

    Can you check out this one also:


    This one is closest to the surface pro lineup with similar kick stand and quite robust body.

    The only drawback is that this doesn't have a flip cover, which the company is working on to introduce in it's later versions; still I believe that this is one of the best ipad pro 2018 cases out there.

  7. Ray F
    Ray F says:

    You mention the volume buttons being easy on this case, I have the Otterbox and that is one thing I hate about it, the volume buttons are hard to press!

  8. Casey Gerdes
    Casey Gerdes says:

    These seems like a pretty good case. Question – I often carry my phone and ipad together. My phone has a slot for credit cards… will the magnets in this case demagnetize my credit cards?

  9. Mondzi
    Mondzi says:

    I personally just think people are reckless with their devices. Like when they were putting their super thin phones in their back pocket and sitting on them, most of the ones saying their ipads are bending don't have good cases or don't have a case at all…can't help stupidity.

  10. James Lim
    James Lim says:

    Nice case. The only thing about these types of case I worry about (unless you have a screen protector) is because the part of the cover that touches the screen is also touching the surface of where you place the iPad on. You would probably need to make sure that the surface you place it on is a clean smooth surface. I do like the magnetic stand though.

  11. guy manitoba
    guy manitoba says:

    Thanks a lot for another review!
    I can't wait for cases comparison!
    Could you try bend the case a bit and feel which one is more secured from bending for the new video.

  12. Matt Cain
    Matt Cain says:

    Do you think that case is worth the asking price? I’m currently using the Unicorn Beetle and my iPad feels like a tank which I like. That one cost about half of this one. I’d be interested to see a comparison.


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