Youtube CENSORS Comments



To the left of the “Post Text Comment” button, there’s an “options” button. If you click “options,” it expands a menu that allows you to “Hide profanity in comments.” This option is automatically checked. Uncheck it to view comments as normal.



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  1. David trueslayor
    David trueslayor says:

    I was replying to a comment on a spiritual site and it had nothing profane or bad words at all – yet it did contain some common conspiracy theories strung together in the post but I was joking actually and they did not star it but once I hit reply for it to pat there were lines running through just the part with the names of the parties involved in the so called conspiracy theory arena. Is that weird or common, let me know. Thanks david

  2. billybonewhacker
    billybonewhacker says:

    they are not doing that anymore ..but i swear they are not letting some of us post certain views..ive heard this from several accounts..when u go to post them they stall…or it goes but doesnt show…grt vid peace

  3. craig79792000
    craig79792000 says:

    surpressing the masses. sad commentary on our society. what happened to free speech? good video marq. This really pisses me off. I will create a great comment only to see it "pending approval". The world should be allowed to witness my genius without constraints. Keep up the fight brother.


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