Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9 Android Tablet Review - Utilizing NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC


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Back in May a Chinese company announced what was then the first and only product based on NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 SoC, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9. Since then we have had a couple of other products hit our news wire including Google’s own Project Tango development tablet. But the Xiaomi is the first to actually be released, selling through 50,000 units in four minutes according to some reports. I happened to find one on Aliexpress.com, a Chinese sell-through website, and after a few short days the DHL deliveryman dropped the Tegra K1 powered machine off at my door.

If you are like me, the Xiaomi name was a new one. A privately owned company from Beijing and has become one of China’s largest electronics companies, jumping into the smartphone market in 2011. The Mi Pad marks the company’s first attempt at a tablet device, and the partnership with NVIDIA to be an early seller of the Tegra K1 seems to be making waves.



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  1. Edward Johnston
    Edward Johnston says:

    See this is proof that apple is not overpriced like people say.  I actually believed they were until the windows guys started going for premium metal crafted and high minded design ultra books with ssd only and ended up costing equal amounts to the macbook pro retina, if not more sometimes.  but the macbook pro retina comes with a real processor not ultra book, also PCi-e ssd, retina screen (windows ultra's have retina resolution screens too).  and an asskicking battery life. I am warming up to apple now. anyone else notice this recent trend?

  2. devilmikey00
    devilmikey00 says:

    Is that running the MIUI custom rom? It looks like it. I super excited to see uber powerful tablets like this and shield tablet that don't cost the price of a kidney on the black market finally arrive. Kind of wish the Shield tablet had the screen resolution this thing has though.

  3. Alan Chan
    Alan Chan says:

    I read some reports of a press events of Xiaomi with Hong Kong tech medias in late June regarding this tablet, and they reported this tablet will be available in Hong Kong around 2 months (or more) later,with those China-localized apps removed, and shipped with Google Play Store and other Google services.


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