Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review & Unboxing (In-Depth)


Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review & unboxing. A 108MP main camera with ultrawide, macro, x2 and 5x optical cameras. Powered by the SD730G and a big 5260mAh battery. $499/450 euros with coupon GBMINOTE10EM here: https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009870966016.html?wid=1349303&lkid=70540449

Mi Note Vs P30 Pro camera comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVmxKivGv28

01:19 – Build & design
03:31 – Screen
04:38 – ROM, tests & benchmarks
08:30 – Audio
09:26 – Gaming
09:59 – Battery life
10:16 – Camera app
11:38 – Photo & video samples
15:42 – Recap with Pros & Cons

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33 replies
  1. Reboot!
    Reboot! says:

    U said other manufacturers don't put ads in their phones. Dude do some research before saying that. Both samsung and realme used to tease xiaomi for ads and now these 2 started giving ads too. Also unlike other manufacturers this is xiaomi has been successful giving us devices for low price for years. Others can't continue like that without ads. Not defending xiaomi but watch c4etech's take on ads, he explained the situation very well rather than stupidly bashing.

    Btw i also hate ads, but i became irritated bcz of ur statement of only blaming xiaomi. Good review otherwise.

  2. KonradAr
    KonradAr says:

    I got the Redmi 8A yesterday, for $97. For my father. Now I can compare it to my 7A for $82. Both 32GB versions. But they have 2GB RAM and the same processor, a Snapdragon with 80.000 points in Antutu.
    Their differences are in the Screen size and battery volume – 4 and 5 Ah.
    I like them. All apps are working fine with them – FB, Spotify, YT, etc. Multitasking works without issues. On 7A I have MIUI 11 already, Android 9.
    I always install the Nova Launcher and set the resolution manually between Small and Medium, in the Developer options. (812×406, from 1440×720). Because of the notch in 8A, the screen ratio is 19:9, not 18:9 as in 7A.
    The 7A is a little bit handier.
    If you are planning to buy these great low end phones, buy a screen protector and a case on AliExpress.

  3. S G
    S G says:

    All these reviews are lame, most issues start occurring after several months. That’s what buyers want to know, it’s not just unboxing a new toy.

  4. Milan Virani
    Milan Virani says:

    Why are these phones not coming with SD 845 ? It is a 2018 flagship chip and would cost a lot cheaper now since it's a year old chip but it is still a killer chipset compared to SD 730G .

  5. SBVCP
    SBVCP says:

    They definitely need some software issues to solve tho (again, I would wait for the next version).
    I wonder if Gcam will work, and when

    You should compare the camera here with the realme x2 pro!

  6. SBVCP
    SBVCP says:

    I think the phone is awesome, but I would wait eithre until they release the next version or (it will more than likely have a better chip and not be that much more expensve, becase, and that lead me to the second option), wait until the price goes down a bit. Specially since this camera sensor is from Samsung and they will use it in 2020, so the market will be a bit more competitive. Now is just novelty


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