Xiaomi Mi Note 10 | Long Term Review | Still good in 2020?


Long term review of the Mi Note 10, to see if it’s still worth snatching up in 2020 after Xiaomi’s fresh new flagship smartphones have launched globally. I never got around to featuring this 6.5-inch 108MP monster originally, so here’s my tardy Mi Note 10 verdict, complete with camera tests and all you need to know.

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First up, yes, that crazy megapixel count was the headline grabber here. But this mighty mobile has a lot more to offer, from dependable battery life and a gorgeous OLED screen to that updated MiUI 11 software. An apps tray, at last, huzzah!

I’ve actually found that the Mi Note 10’s camera tech is a bit hit-and-miss, with the telephoto and ultra-wide lenses not matching many mid-range rivals. Of course, the zoom lens is kind of unnecessary anyway, as the 108MP mode means you can crop into photos and still get a sharp picture.

Sadly the Snapdragon 730G platform means performance can be stuttery, especially when using Xiaomi’s more powerful camera features. But the good news is, you can happily game on PubG Mobile and other 2020 titles without a single stutter.

Have you been using the Mi Note as your personal smartphone? Please leave your own review below, and note that Xiaomi is offering discounts on this handset as this video goes live, to celebrate its fan festival – check out the official website for full details.



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  1. Navvy Rafique
    Navvy Rafique says:

    Would you recommend this phone (note 10) or the Mi mix 3 5g?
    Mi note 10 has the 108mp snapper, but the mi mix 3 5g has 5g and snapdragon 855, but only 12×2 rare camera. Looking to purchase so advice appreciated 🙂

  2. flawedhypothesis
    flawedhypothesis says:

    Why don't they just let these things run stock Android? The Chinese make daring, cutting edge products, in terms of hardware. And then they alienate half the potential customer base by crippling it with glitchy software.

  3. cort Walker
    cort Walker says:

    Why can’t you just talk normally athink if you didn’t talk so cocky you might start bein as good as other tech people honestly you need to stop talking like his please.

  4. Stephen C
    Stephen C says:

    Bit late for me as this is the first video that I'm watching on mine!

    Not sure why reviewers make so much of the lack of an app drawer as installing almost any alternative launcher will fix this. UK Mi Store currently has offers on this and in my experience they were being massively over-cautious over promised delivery dates.

  5. Ts S
    Ts S says:

    Please make a video on nomenclature of smartphones.

    Xperia z,x,xz, 1ii. Sony is just an example
    Companies go bonkers.

    Will be a fun video. Thanks

  6. Tenesy Emile
    Tenesy Emile says:

    Just so you know, I did receive Android 10 on both my xiaomi mi 8 and (recently) my mi mix 3. So I'm sure that the update will be coming soon to the mi note 10, just surprised that it hasn't happened yet….

  7. Mr T
    Mr T says:

    Has the standby drain improved? I'm interested in either mi 10 or mi note 10. Can someone tell me if they have improved the standby drain please?

  8. Martin Neshev
    Martin Neshev says:

    Horrible inconsistencies when taking pictures, colors are over saturated, video hdr is horrible. MIUI is not probably the worst Android experience at the moment, bugs, DND not working..

  9. Wayworn67
    Wayworn67 says:

    The camera is great, the battery life is excellent, the screen as well, and the cpu is more than enough, but the software itself is just all over the place for me. Especially with Facebook Messenger and the Camera app. I get notifaction, and when I tap on it nothing happens. I have to open the app myself and start typing then out of the blue it loads up the conversation (again) on itself and it has bben doing it for quite a while. Meanwhile the camera app opens but doesn't respond at all, I'm tapping everything and nothing happens. I have to close it and open it again for it to work. I also had issues with apps just closing when opening a picture.

    I just hope that the Android 10 update fixes these, or at least most of these issues because it gets on my nerves sometimes

  10. Andrew O'Brien
    Andrew O'Brien says:

    If you're quick and don't mind a slight wait for it to turn up, you can get the version Chris reviewed from Xiaomi UK at a sale price of £369. It's 8 meg 256gig version has also been reduced.

  11. The Raddest Scorpion
    The Raddest Scorpion says:

    I really think heavier smartphones are not as comfortable and nice to use.
    I have a Mi 9T (which is the best budget phone, as we all know), and it weighs almost 200g and I don't like it, to be honest. And I lift. I just don't like it.


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