Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: The Ultimate Slider?


The bezelless, notchless slider. Can’t even be mad.

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Intro Track: Pyramid – The Phoenix


Phone provided by Xiaomi for video



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  1. Darren Chan
    Darren Chan says:

    Errr I know I'm really late but there are a few misleading information in this video.
    1. It's not spring loaded, it's magnets.
    2. It's not a glass back, it's a ceramic back.

  2. stranger danger
    stranger danger says:

    The cameras on my Mi Mix 2s are amazing I mean going to neck to neck with well know high end phones. The sensor on the 3 must be better. Thinking of getting the the version

  3. cachito ne
    cachito ne says:

    thanks for the review, the only thing and most importent one is missing! how are the speakers? if it has strong and loud speakers then its good! i do not use the phone on head only over speaker phone! samsung phones i hate, cause the speakers are low even on the highest volume, so please let me know about the speakers on this phone! thsnk you!


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