Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 2019 Review


Mi Gaming laptop review (2019 refresh model) It’s the top-end model with Nvidia RTX 2060, Intel Core i7 9750H, 144hz screen, 16GB of RAM and 512GB NVMe SSD. This review covers benchmarks, thermals, fan noise, gaming FPS tests, audio, and webcam samples. I bought it here: http://bit.ly/2AKhSry

03:48 – Internals
04:52 – Performance
09:05 – Gaming test results
10:24 – Fan noise & thermals
11:14 – Audio sample
11:56 – Webcam sample
12:13 – Recap with Pros & Cons

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43 replies
  1. Appeon a lew
    Appeon a lew says:

    Great Video as always mate! I would like to see your review on some meizu phones as well. I think you would love Meizu 16s pro.
    If you can, could you please also do a comparison to realme x2 pro 😉
    Cheers from Germany

  2. Google Allo  And Duo Steam Game Discussion
    Google Allo And Duo Steam Game Discussion says:

    How about customer🤯 service and after sell support?

    For heavy usage virtual virtually gamers🏊🏻‍♂️ with frequently 🏂traveler, bought extra one or two pack battery is a must , also if it including four generations or fifth generation modern connection is much better than 5g phone, (over killed)

    But for the price point, 🦊we can't complain anymore,

    The Chinese manufacturers is good at hardware 😜 performance 🌌but worst at software because of copyright issues. 😫

    Can the author testing about mi cloud /xiaomi documents🌏 /xiaomi note and xiaomi find my phone/laptops as well ? It is as same /similar than Google cloud platform/azure and Amazon Web services for 🙄advanced usage and muti usage edit same document as same time😊

    Also the xiaomi cloud 🌫️router and mobile 😭virtual internet 🌁service providers (Mmisp) is quite cool as well ,

    Dont forget to testing the mi audio code .flac and .aac🤤 for gaming headset gaming keyboard gaming mouse and gaming speaker as well

    Can the author 🤭testing using VMware workstation or virtual box 😁to install Ubuntu Linux or Debian 10 or MacOS 🤐mantosch in that laptops?

    Finally using mi browser can directly synchronization the browser history to mi cloud,is it safe to sync the xxx content or financial taxation to Chinese owned cloud platform?
    Many thanks 😅

  3. KonradAr
    KonradAr says:

    Redmi 8A is for 99$ now.
    It's a excellent phone for its price.

    Redmi 8 is the same but with 3GB instead 2GB, has a fingerprint reader, dual-camera instead 1. Everything else is the same except the price, it is 30$ more expensive.

    I have 7A, and 2GB works great on Android 9.

  4. oNeHanDGuN
    oNeHanDGuN says:

    if yall feel this video is helpful then dont forget to click the like button..dont forget to subs aswell..support him so we can get update gadget all the time..
    remember..like and subs is free 🙂

  5. Nick Cheng
    Nick Cheng says:

    Thank you Chris, they just launched a 1tb ssd variant in China, what would have made this a much more compelling offer is a bigger battery and the type c/display port and i think the 1tb ssd variant could skip the storage expansion slot in favor of a larger battery or at least let costumes choose. Underwhelming CPU but that's not xiaomi's fault, i suppose next year we can finally see a proper upgrade on all fronts. On a personal note, you should have way more followers and views as this channel offers some of the most comprehensive and unbiased reviews on YouTube. This just shows a sad truth: consumers, in general, care very little about technology. It's all about brand name, advertising and being "cool". Cheers mate!

  6. George Aggelis
    George Aggelis says:

    I have mi notebook pro and the fans never work when i just serf. What about this laptop when you just serf or light work?
    the funs work all the time? is loud in idle mode? I work at silent room so this is important for me.

  7. CrisPell
    CrisPell says:

    Is these fans are configurable? Fan curve to temperature? Setting it up less aggressive that default would let us get a quieter fans, because temperatures aren't that bad. Now it sounds like jet.

  8. CorbenRF
    CorbenRF says:

    can you put in both a second nvme stick and a 2.5 inch drive in there? when I put the 2.5 inch drive into my laptop, I didn't even notice the second nvme slot. I think it's an "either or" situation for some stupid reason… Otherwise it's a decent laptop for the price – the lowest spec model comes at 1080 usd in china

  9. Alex Psq
    Alex Psq says:

    Hello Chris,
    Thank you very much for this in-depth review.
    Was considering this model and also the Legion Y740-15IRHg ( rtx 2060 144hz panel pretty much the idential spec).
    Which one of the two would you recommend ? I know the Y740 runs a bit hotter but was thinking on buying a cooling pad anyways. Between the two who has the better build quality ( parts build materials )?
    Asking this because i saw your review on the Y740 and in my country i can get the Lenovo for about 1492 eur and the Mi gaming laptop for 1450 eur.

    Thanks again for the very informative, professional and unbiased reviews !

  10. Johnnyxp64
    Johnnyxp64 says:

    unfortunately this was not shipping to my country when i wanted it so i went with the best gaming/value laptop and best laptop for office use since it has all ports in the rear to connect monitors etc. Lenovo Legion Y540.
    i7-9750H 4.5ghz 12logical cores
    16GB RAM ddr4 dual channel
    1660Ti 6gb GPU
    IPS 144hz monitor (very bright) antiglare
    1x SSD 512nvme
    1x SSD 1TB sata3(added by me)
    Dolby Atmos spakers
    great cooling (i did a -0.135ν undervoltage the CPU)
    amazing keyboard by Lenovo as always
    all major ports including usb typeC 3.1 and full Ethernet at the rear
    minimalistic design.
    it cost me 1.250€ with 3 years warranty. i don't regret it. but i want to try this xiaomi laptop. just bought xiaomi 9T pro. love their smartphones. they are like 800€ samsung with better design and better specs besides water proof for 300€!!! 😍

  11. Nicegy019
    Nicegy019 says:

    "sounds like afterburners" Wonder if there's a way to setup Top Gun's "Danger Zone" to turn on above a certain fan speed. If my fans are going to speed up, might as well have a laugh out of it.


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