Would a Walkman work in space?


As the story in the film “Guardians of the Galaxy” goes, character Peter Quill’s dying mother made him a mix called “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” that he rocked out to with his Walkman while he bounced around the galaxy for 26 years. I did a deep dive into the question: would that mixtape have lasted for 26 years in space? To answer this question, I use a tub of liquid nitrogen to determine if the Walkman and cassette could have truly withstood the test of space.



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  1. Kendrick Rick
    Kendrick Rick says:

    Sorry MKBHD, but I think it's pretty elementary that space doesn't equal liquid nitrogen. 😤. The Milano/Benatar also isn't filled with liquid nitrogen. 🤷. I wonder what your experiment is driving at!

  2. Tom Burke
    Tom Burke says:

    Well, presumably the character involved would be subjected to the same conditions as the Walkman. So if that was the case I doubt there would be a Guardians of the Galaxy in the first place.

  3. Jaydeep Das
    Jaydeep Das says:

    I think the walkman broke not because of the very low temperature but because when it was taken out of the Liquid nitrogen, the water vapour in air froze to ice inside the walkman and expanded the volume and thus breaking it. Also the ice crystals might have jammed the motor .
    Therefore temperature is not the issue here for walkman, it is infact the surrounding atmosphere in that temperature.
    And Liquid Nitrogen can infact crack anything on earth even the Falcon Heavy or the BFR if its immersed in the liqiud on the earth .That doesnt mean that BFR or Falcon Heavy cant go to space

  4. Xxon Mobile
    Xxon Mobile says:

    Guys, it’s not that easy too fully replicate the vast emptiness of space. He probably thought the best thing to replicate those freezing temperatures in space was liquid nitrogen. So I’d like to see how you could freeze something at -300 degrees without using liquid nitrogen. Let’s not forget the average temperature in space is -454.8 Fahrenheit.

  5. Janelee Keller
    Janelee Keller says:

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  6. Simonas Rovas
    Simonas Rovas says:

    A few minor problems with that. 1st of all space is a vacuum so there wouldn't be any water to condensate which is the main reson the walkman stopped working. 2nd you couldn't hear a damn if you would just put on those headphones because once again it's vacuum and no sound can pass through it


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