Win8 Gesture and Office 2013 running on Android Tablet, using Splashtop Personal


In the demo, the user is using the latest Splashtop Personal on an Asus Transformer Android tablet to remote into a Windows 8 PC. Splasthop Personal is fully optimized for both NVIDIA Tegra and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, and is capable of delivering smooth, interactive Win8 gesture support on Android devices. With Splashtop, all Windows 8 optimized apps, including MS Office 2013, can now run seamlessly on Android devices!

Over 10 million users are enjoying Splashtop today. Splashtop Personal is FREE on Android so give it a test drive!



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  1. Puchina Bey
    Puchina Bey says:

    @kyle772 That's great! I'm getting a new laptop today and I was wondering how it'll cope with the interface and if it would lag or not. I'm glad someone else has the tablet to tell me it's going to be fine. My main use for it is to use it when I'm in bed and around uni as the tablet is lighter and to use it for streaming videos to my tv as I'm assuming a 17.3" laptop would be quite visible next to a 27" tv

  2. kyle772
    kyle772 says:

    I'm sure you have already found the answer for this by now but the gestures are built into windows not splashtop. To find out what these gestures are you can look up windows 8 touchscreen how to videos. I mostly use this app to access my desktop from bed. ;P

    My TF300T is powerful enough to get a lagless experience from Splashtop and I use it to stream Netflix to my tablet so I don't have to use another device slot.


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