WIFI Tether iPhone to Android Tablet (without Jailbreak or Root)


This video will show you the simplest way to tether an iPhone 4 or 4s to an Android Tablet with out Jailbreaking and Rooting so that you can connect to your cell phone via WIFI to be able to surf the web using your phones data plan. Reason for this is not all tablets have 3G or cant always find a WIFI Hotspot, this turns your phone into a Personal Hotspot.

NOTE: You can also choose the options for connecting with Blutooth.

I also do recommened you have over 500mb on your data plan, I have 1gb and have never gone over.

Be sure to rename your phone from the default name so that it will be easier to find. Once this is done you wont have to follow the steps again just turn on the Personal Hotspot and it will automatically connect.

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  1. jera villarmia
    jera villarmia says:

    wat if ur iphone is connected to a wifi and ur not using a data connection is there a possible way that bluetooth tethering can still share connection from an iphone to any android

  2. Kim Tran
    Kim Tran says:

    Thanks fro your prompt response, Sir! I am sorry for not making this clear. From step 1, from my Iphone 4, General tab,Network, click on Personal HotSpot, I see set up Personal HotSpot. There is a message to contact provider or call 611. Must I pay for HOT SPOT first? If this is the case, does the internet usage on the Samsung tablet or PC use the Hot Spot plan with limitation 2 GB or the unlimitted data plan from the Iphone? I hope this is clear.
    Best regards!

  3. Iris Wong
    Iris Wong says:

    Hi there, I follow all your steps. It was connected but i can't go on the internet with my andriod tablet. Is it my carrier block it? My carrier is Roger. Do I need to call my carrier for that? Please help me out. Thanks.

  4. Jackie Earley
    Jackie Earley says:

    So you already have to have a tethering plan in order for that Personal Hotspot option to become available.. I do not have a tethering plan so that option does not come up on my unjailbroken iPhone 4S

    RUGGEDG33K says:

    @matteomanocchio: No problem if your Android Tablet doesnt find your iPhone in the list of WIFI connections then try this.

    1. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click "Add Wi-Fi Network".

    2. "Network SSID" is the name of your iPhone to find this go to Settings> General> About there you will find the name.

    3. Security choose WPA/WPA2 PSK enter your password

    4. save

    Now it should find it, the first time connecting may take a few minutes but after that should be quick


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