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Need to boost your Wi-Fi signal to get all around this house? This range extender from Netgear has worked great- check it our here- http://tinyurl.com/Netgear-WiFi-Booster No programming required- just press two buttons and your new and improved wi-fi network is up and running. Simple, and pretty cheap, too.

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  1. Cheila Perestrelo
    Cheila Perestrelo says:

    i step him up and it works like you said , but i still have a problem.
    when i put my password on my phone or other device , he says that the password is not correct.
    what should or can i do to fix it ?

    kind regards,

  2. Manoj Thakur
    Manoj Thakur says:

    This is the third class fake booster, It can't connect to wireless router if distance is more than 15 feet, My wifi router range is 40 feet, I can't see this booster in wifi network if I am 20 feet away from it. DO NOT BUY THIS product, Its fake.

    Booster connect to my wifi router when it is plugged in same room. Can't see this booster in wifi network list if I am in another room, but wifi router is visible and connects ok.

  3. Hugo Donan
    Hugo Donan says:

    Hi I have a wn 1000 rp but when I try to put username and password l push enter don't work. the little tab in my computer say try again the username and password.

  4. Pistolpete229
    Pistolpete229 says:

    this product sucks! i bought one 7 months ago and it didnt help at all. it was like it made it worst! i was better off getting my shitty 2 bar signal then this one saying 4 or 5 becuz it was more slow!

  5. Fabio T91
    Fabio T91 says:

    yeahhh men i buy that wifi booster and its so cool and so easy to install is very cool my house has 2 floors ant the internet router is up and my room is down , in the pass i didnt havent internet but with that booster i have internet in all house !!!! sry my english , hope u guys understand me

  6. Dennis Persson
    Dennis Persson says:

    This extender is totally worthless. I've currently placed the extender 5 meters away from the router, without any obstacles inbetween. Still, I'm only able to get out just above 1 Mbit/s, while I get around 20 Mbit/s if I connect to the router directly. Also, at the distance this booster stops sensing the router, my laptop still recieves a speed of 15 Mbit/s. After having tried every wall outlet in the house, I can ensure that one does not simply get wider range with this device than using a mediocre router, and one can neither expect faster network speed than 5 Mbit/s while using this crap.

  7. William Wright
    William Wright says:

    Do you have to "restart your router" or "hold the power button down for a few seconds" to sync the netgear range extender? Or, is it possible for the range extender to just sync on its own? Great Vid!


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