Why I Purchased the Amazon Fire HD 10 Instead of an iPad Pro


Why I Purchased the Amazon Fire HD 10 Instead of an iPad Pro
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31 replies
  1. Keith Appanah
    Keith Appanah says:

    How do you install the Google Play store on this device? Being able to do so would make it even more attractive than an ipad because I'm looking for an affordable Android tablet that can run some of the apps I use on my smartphone.

  2. Uranus
    Uranus says:

    So pleased with your decision you had to make a whole video about it telling everyone how pleased you are…

    Admit it. You hate how slow this, how it's lower quality in almost every aspect, and wish you had an iPad.

  3. Luneheim Zero
    Luneheim Zero says:

    My takeaway is this. If you want a smaller device on the go that isn't your phone or a laptop for entertainment purposes, such as reading or streaming movies, the fire tablets are for you. If you're looking for a smaller device that isn't a phone or a laptop for uses like making digital art, writing an essay, creating spreadsheets, or even making a presentation, then something like an iPad or the tablet devices sold by microsoft are more for you.

  4. F M
    F M says:

    Does this product allow you to open multiple windows simultaneously (i.e. multitask)? I'm not talking about quickly switching between apps. Thanks!

  5. Betty Harrison
    Betty Harrison says:

    I am a 73 year old senior. I just subscribed to your site. I listened to your video and thanks for sharing. Would you PLEASE send me a email giving me "elementary instructions as to how to add play store and youtube to my Amazon 10 inch Fire HD Tablet. I just ordered one and it will be coming in the mail in a few days. If I only had elementary instructions I believe I can get those two Apps installed to my pad. I taught myself to use the computer and everyone tells me that I am amazing. At the time I was ill but I didn't give up until I learned on my own with a lot of praying.
    Thank you soooo much!

  6. Mike Eastridge
    Mike Eastridge says:

    I bought 2 of these for my wife and I for taking on holiday rather than risking the iPad's. I must admit they are very good value got ours for £99 each black Friday deal 2017. I added google play store and removed adverts. I see they are same price again at the moment great value.

  7. Ant Hart
    Ant Hart says:

    Hey Dave 👍🏼
    I’m looking for an 8 ish inch tablet… Main use will be playing back vids/movies off SD card, browsing the net, Netflix and YouTube.

    I go out camping quite a bit so want something larger than a phone but not so big it won’t fit in my rucksack

    The Mrs has given me a £200 Christmas present budget 🙂 ..any ideas?

  8. trey jasso
    trey jasso says:

    Don't you think the life of the battery is much shorter than the iPad? Also I think it takes much longer to charge than the iPad but that could be me. That being said, I really like the HD 10 so far and I'm really happy I didn't buy another iPad.

  9. Phil
    Phil says:

    I upgraded to the 11" iPad Pro (from 9.7" Pro) and took it back a few days later. Underwhelming. IOS handcuffs the potential of the (over-priced) hardware. After test driving the new Samsung S4 (NOT worth $700) for a day, I bought a Fire HD 10. Happy as can be. Load up Play Store and this does everything the Samsung could do for a fraction of the price. Satisfies all my Android needs. Apple/Samsung continue to escalate in price, but not value. This Fire HD is a great daily driver!

  10. L B
    L B says:

    Quick question! You said that you had thought you would use your iPad for photos but you just didn’t end up doing so. Would the Fire still work to do some edits on photos or work as a storage device in a pinch?


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