Why does this exist... Vive Pro Review


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Is the Vive Pro the next amazing step forward in consumer VR? Unfortunately we think not…

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37 replies
  1. Tarek Moneim Said
    Tarek Moneim Said says:

    wait, so this is a "pro" version that is actually targeting businesses, and not just used as a fancy marketing word? Seems like it, since it's bulkier, it has a 93m2 range (way bigger than most people's apartments, let alone their room)…

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    I brought a vive pro – have loved it since the day I brought it and never had any issues what so ever. Mind you I never tried a vive 1.

  3. Jiří Valtr
    Jiří Valtr says:

    So… if I'!m a typical poor consumer… do you recommend me to buy Oculus Rift? And what about the sensors? Rift doesnt have those two blacky-boxy-sensors, does it? Thanx to anyone who answer.

  4. Jimmy Nahlous
    Jimmy Nahlous says:

    I'm happy with my very cheap 2nd hand Vanilla Vive I got.. At work we have 2 vives, 5 Oculus Rifts, and not long ago a Vive Pro…. I tried the Vive Pro and man, that was buggy, heavy like Linus said in fast paced games. Not to mention, the signal kept dropping out and the image pixelating to keep up with the bandwidth. It literally goes from the best image it can give you to a 'censored' artifacting look even at 2m away from the transmitter. I think it is very prone to interference.

  5. Fishum
    Fishum says:

    After nearly a year with the vive Pro full 2.0 kit, I'll say it was one of the best decisions I made, it seems perfectly adapted to my head, didn't hurt my nose and feels ten times better than the original Vive.

  6. Scott Magee
    Scott Magee says:

    I absolutely fully agree with what you mention in this video. I have an Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. I mostly only use the Rift due to discomfort because of the weight of the Vive. I even bought a delux headset to try and fix the comfort issue, but it still not as good for me as the lighter Rift. Like you, I'm also blessed with a big nose, but I doubt that is the actual problem. lol I won't be getting the newest Vive anytime soon.


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