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Suzie drafts an epic new graphic slide in real time for her viewers, depicting what sectors of society receive access to new technologies, and in what oder

With her #1vs5i movement, courageous Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson is laying down some serious truth, and building a platform where we can work together to bring unlawful state targeting of citizens to an end.

This short clip is from the 3rd “Opening The Five Eyes: Exposing The Spies” #1vs5i campaign event. Full video here:

The #1vs5i campaign is a groundbreaking crowd-sourced effort to fight back against the crimes of the “Five Eyes” Western intelligence agencies. PLEASE DONATE to support Suzie’s fight for justice and accountability at this link:

Spread the word!

Movement hashtag: #1vs5i
Official website:
Official Twitter: @1vs5i
Official Facebook:
#1vs5i Campaign Explainer Vid:

Other Twitter accounts to follow: @Suzi3D



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