Which iPad Should You Buy? iPad 6, iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3, or iPad Pro?


Apple sells four iPads: iPad 6, iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3, and iPad Pro 3rd-gen. Which model is right for you? Watch our brief video, and check out each individual review for more: https://9to5mac.com/2019/04/23/which-ipad-should-you-buy-ipad-mini-5-air-3-pro-video/

iPad Pro review: https://youtu.be/4DTy32jdjP0
iPad Air 3 review: https://youtu.be/4U10wG_GNvg
iPad mini 5 review: https://youtu.be/chGRwcoxTaM
iPad 6 (2018) review: https://youtu.be/-loruYkS0Dc
Logitech Crayon review: https://youtu.be/dPpj-iHWp8c

Congrats to @joey5802 on Instagram, winner of our iPad + Logitech Crayon giveaway.


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39 replies
  1. Kilgore Trout
    Kilgore Trout says:

    I chose the Air over the Mini 5 due to greater screen space for note taking with the pen – if not for note taking I would get the mini. I didn't get the basic Ipad as 32gb is too little space and 128 gb probably more than I need. I didn't get the Pro as I would effectively be spending almost twice as much money for little benefit (to me) other than a magnetic attachment for the pen.

  2. Jeff Leblanc
    Jeff Leblanc says:

    I got a 105 IPad Pro it’s a 2017:and can’t afford to upgrade here in Canada we are looking at a lot more I wish that apple would have made the pencil capable for all the iPad pros but that is apple for you if I want a 2nd gen pencil I have to upgrade to a 2018 and this iPad works awesome it’s as fast as the new ones as far as I’m concerned

  3. Neno Jlr
    Neno Jlr says:

    IPad Air for me; smart keyboard support, affordability and size. Getting it this weekend coming up the Wifi model only! Thanks for the review makes me decision much easier!!

  4. Marc Guima
    Marc Guima says:

    You better choose one of these now because anything with an A9 chip won’t be able to upgrade any longer. So the 2017 regular iPad will be out of the game for the new IOS UPGRADE 👋👋

  5. Perry Pelican
    Perry Pelican says:

    You left out a very important thing which is the fact that the iPad Pro does not have a headphone jack. Also, what good is usb-c to most people. Everyone has things that do Fine with lightning. They will have to buy adapters and hubs etc to take advantage of usb-c and use their lightning cables. How will they plug in their wired headphones. Oh yeah, no problem just buy the $200 Apple wireless headphones. And anyone with an Apple Pencil they used on their old iPad Pro is useless for this one. No problem, just buy a new gen one for another $200. The iPad Air is the way to go. It has lightning and headphone jack and connects with the original Apple Pencil. Most heavy apps running just fine including video editing apps. Ok multitasking might suffer but who cares. Its not worth the crazy xtra money just to see 2 apps at the same time. Its not at all like it is on a laptop. Try running heavy apps on the air and see if you need a Pro. You will be surprised. The pro is only good for anyone with very specific needs, not just any artist. I think 95% of artists will be happy with the air. Is it called Air 3? Or just Air?

  6. Kurisu
    Kurisu says:

    Apple should have never gotten rid of the 10.5 inch ipad pro, the ipad air is the same thing but with worse features and camera quality

  7. Alexander Krebs
    Alexander Krebs says:

    Hi, I choose the iPad Pro 11” as a replacement for my MacBook Pro. I need power and portability. I organize a nature photography project with it as my communication device. I use it for RAW editing from my Nikon DSLRs and for that I need that performance. It is my main go to device. I still have a Mac around but it is only for access to old photo archives and to help me store away the images on my iPad. I hope iOS 13 is going to shine on all iPad.

  8. Ankita shetty
    Ankita shetty says:

    Can anyone recommend me between 9.7inch iPad pro (2018) vs iPad mini (2019) ?

    I'll be doing media consumption through Youtube tutorials, Udemy courses, Codecademy, Netflix, Amazon kindle book, Social media (facebook, twitter)

    I won't be doing any creation work. Also I'm not looking to buy a keyboard and pen as I already have a surface pro 6 for that. I need a device which I can hold in my hands for long duration and learn on the go.

  9. Jack Keys
    Jack Keys says:

    I just bought the new IPad Mini 5. I had the original, liked the size, but it was way too slow. Really like the new Mini with it’s compact size , great performance, and good display.

  10. Marc Guima
    Marc Guima says:

    There are so many problems with the new iPad Pro still. That product needs to be redesigned. I set for 3 hours inside of the apple store and three people were there with issues with that iPad. Replacing it and trying to solve there problems
    Too much going on. I had my old iPads and I never ran into any problems with anyone of them. On the contrary they still work fine.

  11. Pierre Eriksson
    Pierre Eriksson says:

    I have the 10.5 Pro. Put it in a case so those 4 killer speakers gets even more front sounding + that screen is my favorite media devise. Damn fast to render video too and other creative tasks. Just bad the apps in iOS is so crippled compair to desktops apps + no real file system. If also that was in the package it would be the only devive beside the phone i would need.

  12. Dima Dima
    Dima Dima says:

    Each youtuber says that air gap is bad, but I have ipad 2018 and if I didn't know, I would never have seen the difference, and even when I saw, I would not say that it is even 1% worse than there is no air gap


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