Which 2019 iPad Should You Buy? | Buying Guide!


Black Friday and Christmas time are coming up! Apple has so many new versions of iPad that it is likely really confusing as to which one you should pick up for yourself or someone special. In this video I tell you which type of users would benefit most from each iPad mode: the 2019 iPad 10.2″, iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3 and of course the iPad Pro!



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  1. leon koo
    leon koo says:

    I am a student from Malaysia.Which iPad is more suitable for me?My friend advise me to buy a 128gb or 256gb iPad.Should I buy iPad Air 3?I think bigger storage can let me save my photo in iPad

  2. Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh says:

    Ipad air if tight on budget
    Ipad pro if u want the ultimate performance.
    Mini is too small for me so i said air.. N if u want to play games only u can opt for 256gb mini small compact powerful..
    I never used ipad 329$ basic model so can't say anything about it

  3. Deepak Bhakoo
    Deepak Bhakoo says:

    Hi. Noah, i got rid of my ipad pro 11 with keyboard and pencil because no matter how much i try (and i tried a lot) but couldn’t use it efficiently. it’s really not comfortable to work properly and i dislike it too much. i had to sell it for so less and i lost so much money doing so. more than 600$ actually 🙁 now i hVe bought a mini 5 and frankly its the best of the bunch. at least for someone like me who wants to work on a macbook or any laptop and still want a ipad. mini is the best. i won’t buy another costly ipad ever as its not worth that amount and resale in India at the very least is too less.


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