What's new in tech world | MS Excel 2016 | Smart with Excel 2016


In this class, we will explore what’s new in tech world.
We will learn the following things:
1. What is MS Office 365.
2. Augmented reality and its applications.
3. Youtube , video sharing product from google.
4. Virtual Reality
This video is an animated version of the chapter of our books ‘Smart With’ Series. The ‘Smart with’ series is based on Windows 10 and MS Office 16. We also explore the new developments in the ‘Tech world’ in recent times. To purchase your own copy of the Smart With series and other computer books, please visit : https://www.cbmindia.in/index.php/products/education-books/computers-books.html.

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This video is an original work of CBM Education Systems LLP. We reserve the rights to this video and all of its contents. Any attempt to reproduce the video in any form will be punishable.



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