What's Missing from iPad OS?


Before I review iPad OS, here are some early thoughts. The laptop replacement dream continues with iOS 13
iPad Pro – https://amzn.to/2MCKgET

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  1. Yervand Papazyan
    Yervand Papazyan says:

    Hello Dave please help me to understand and make my choice what to buy. Will you recommend to buy Ipad pro 11 inch 64gb version? with Ipados it means that you can any time upload all your files to the external SSD drive or flash drive if you see that you are runing out of space, or you can keep all the main files in you SSD drive and with the ipad keep in your working bag or in a school bag and any time you can plug-in and watch your 25 or 30gb full hd blueray movies or pictures. or maybe this is not a case anyway i need to buy 256gb for the future that because apps geting biger and biger size????? please help me to understand

  2. Peter McIlroy
    Peter McIlroy says:

    One thing I would like is a backup facility. I don't mean data as this is already there, but the ability to do a full backup to a connected hard drive rather than having to connect to a computer.

  3. Yervand Papazyan
    Yervand Papazyan says:

    hello Dave, first of all your reviews are one of the best always very clean very understandable way explanation. I have a question your opinion is very important because you are using a lot of new tech product so maybe you can help to understand what is better. Apple vs Android devices. they both have good and bad sides, Android more open platform a lot of control of you device, very good hardware very poor software implementation or good software but no update or after 1 or two year no more good futuries and updates, and in this case you feal like company says you, I don't t care about you if you want best perfomans go and buy new one. from other side Apple very clean very optimized apps, very long updates for old devices but very high price no external sd card support, so in the end what to choose great software support optimized apps or not optimized apps but technically good hardware. for example I am a food photographer and this is first time in my life that I am considering to have Apple product especially new iPad pro with iPad OS new futures but there is also Samsung Galaxy tab 6???? help please

  4. Glen Jones
    Glen Jones says:

    I agree, I think of this is more as an adjunct ( the iPad). It is great for somethings just like the phone is great for other things just like the laptop is great for other things as well.

  5. Willy andme
    Willy andme says:

    Apple doesn’t want a laptop replacement, just wants you to buy a new IPad. I have all my ripped cds and can’t put them in the Apple player, despite the new operating and file system.!!!!😬😬

  6. David Tim
    David Tim says:

    I purchased pro 11 which is disappointing and wait half a year for wwdc. Then ipados, still not good. Now I am very satisfied with my new Android tablet as a mini laptop. So no more apple product for me. I am not going to get anything form apple any more.

  7. Kristian Karaneshev
    Kristian Karaneshev says:

    With adobe photoshop launching a full version for the Ipad, and Ipad already has Lightroom, it could be a great mobile solution for professional photo editing.Cannot wait to test the full Photoshop on Ipad. This might make me get one.

  8. Matthew Edoimioya
    Matthew Edoimioya says:

    I don’t think Apple should try to make this a laptop. However, they should start making more robust Apps that utilize the iPads power. I think this should be a creatives best friend I.e. have lightroom, premier, final cut, photoshop etc.. apps that are more robust than an iPhone version but not quite desktop class same with office apps. It’s a tough juggling act here

  9. Neth Games
    Neth Games says:

    The iPad is missing 3D modeling and Compositing tools that could be handled with the introduction of the pro. Most you tubers think video editing is the holy grail of benchmarking a computers abilities


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