What will Tesla’s new 2020 tech announcement be?


This is a small segment of a one hour conversation between Gali Russell of Hyperchange and Sean Mitchell of All Things EV. They cover various topics like their initial impressions of the Cybertruck, how Tesla’s new truck stacks up against other truck competition, if Tesla will use the Cybertruck platform to make other vehicles, if Tesla and SpaceX will partner together to buy a steel company, and if Model Y will go into production in early 2020. You can watch the entire conversation here: https://youtu.be/cZBmfkrcviw.


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18 replies
  1. ronaldxyz1001
    ronaldxyz1001 says:

    Stop selling Tesla to Apple or amazon. Don’t you see what happens to companies bought by those money machines ? The founders leave and the bought companies slowly atrophy and disappear. If Tesla gets bought then all the incumbents slow down and start lobbying for easier emission rules, mark my words

  2. James Paul
    James Paul says:

    Sean, a relatively simple innovation could be a plate or new battery casing to cool and warm the battery as required for optimal efficiency, and to help manage temperatures while charging at higher speeds. It would be interesting to learn more about Rivian's cooling technology, I believe they are using a plate in place of liquid cooling, but the methods could complement each other, like a Tesla Crock-Pot! ☺️

    UFO TRAILERS says:

    Tim Cook is a turd, Building in forced obsolescence into his products is sickening and if he bought a Tesla I would be so pissed! Apple has two products a phone and a desktop computer that’s it all of the products are just a derivative of Steve Jobs ideas.

  4. Paulo Relva
    Paulo Relva says:

    I hope Tesla does not partner up with any of the automakers, Tesla are gaining market share and they can potentially be worlds biggest auto maker in 20 years. If they start to sell their technology in form a skateboard, what guaranty they have in future partnerships

  5. Ronald Fradet
    Ronald Fradet says:

    Personally I think the next thing the new battery technology and it will be the most dangerous transition as they will not able to produce 35 gigawatts at the beginning so how they proceed will have a major impact on everybody. Will they reduce the number of cells per pack therefore reducing cost. Can't wait for the battery day

  6. James Paul
    James Paul says:

    Great discussion gentlemen. I think a major development could be a modular and expandable next generation dry electrode battery pack for future Tesla vehicles and licensed to other OEMs. That would allow users to upgrade as technology improves, as needs change, as batteries degrade (slowly) and it would allow for more efficient battery swapping or borrowing of larger packs for long trips as an option. Modular packs would also work well for the Robo taxi fleet, swapping fully charged batteries whenever and wherever they are required, perhaps stacked inside vaults of Cybertruck drones.

  7. Hans Kruse
    Hans Kruse says:

    It would be a disaster if Apple bought Tesla and it would never work with Elon. I don't believe for a second that Tesla will build or license powertrains for competitors. Others need to learn to do this themselves to make the EV revolution move forward. not get the tech from Tesla.

  8. Gary G
    Gary G says:

    I can see potential for a revenue stream by Tesla, by selling battery packs to other manufacturers and retain control. Require purchase of battery management and charging hardware and provide updates via OTA at a fee and use of Tesla supercharger first an another fee to other manufacturers. Don’t sell batteries only and have GM mess it up with poor charging controller or battery thermal management and blame Tesla for instance Make the whole kit a packaged deal.

  9. Shoni Ben Cnaan
    Shoni Ben Cnaan says:

    Sean, I dont see TESLA being a TIER 1 battry and electric drive train to other OEM. If and when TESLA will have extra battery capacity, i see them funneling it to their energy business becoming mini and micro grid (electric) providers, hopefully a TIER 1 providers.

  10. Cyrus Murphy
    Cyrus Murphy says:

    Battery Day will introduce new battery chemistry giving 10 to 20% more range at same cost and physical size. To eliminate Osborne Effect, the upgraded batteries will immediately be available in all new 3 orders (as well as those already ordered and awaiting delivery). Ys will have them when released. S/X will get them when Plaid released.

    The reason they keep pushing off Battery Day is because they need it production-ready on that day.

  11. Jevon Frost
    Jevon Frost says:

    There is no way Elon will let VW squander their tech. They still have ice factories that cant be shut down overnight and HAVE to sell those vehicles. Tesla learned the lesson already that ice manufacture dont want to accelerate ev adoption. For VW it's both a pr exercise and also hedging their bets on future tarrifs/taxes. I wouldn't be surprised if they plan cell/pack production at buffalo for stationary storage.

  12. Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey says:

    Me again!
    I've been telling you for months It's the battery rate of production.
    Even if they apply that to (essentially) the same cell chemistry it reduces the cost by a HUGE amount.

    BUT (also as I said)

    A HUGE increase in battery production causes another problem, what do you DO with them?

    They must build MORE PACKS for installation in more vehicles.

    Battery production increase PLUS the pack patent gives the following:

    More efficient cells,
    Amore space efficient pack,
    Smaller, 50 cell sub-modules (also used for other purposes) assembled in blocks,
    Innovative temperature management.

    The cell improvement reduces the "buffer" requirement (MORE improvement)

    Smaller pack with the same capacity allows a larger (S sized) pack with more capacity……. Plaid!

    A common pack structure for all models , again saving a huge amount on 18650 production and shipping, essentially making Model S/X more affordable (profitable).

    1 cell
    Less factory space ! (Remember discussions about moving vehicle production to GF1? Well, this allows that, to an extent, with no building)
    1standard "sub module"
    Possibly common BMS
    2 case sizes(?)

    These are all cumulative savings, from patented technology.

    This is the "$100 cell"! ….. Possibly even the "$100" Pack ?

    And, just btw, if they are producing huge numbers of cells, installing them into 50 cell modules (see patent) why can't those modules be installed into storage systems as well?

    It's a universal design.

  13. ChargedUpEV
    ChargedUpEV says:

    Get off this guys dick. You are trying to make 1 video into 5. He is also an insanely uneducated investor who got lucky with their age to never anything but a good market. His lack of in depth knowledge will screw him in any downturn. Hell the only metric he seems to get is cap x. Beyond that and he is clueless.and cap x is far from all that matters. If you also see when he said it bought stocks he wouldn’t be getting even average market returns.


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