Walmart's SmarTab 7” Android 7.1 Quad-core 16GB Tablet Unboxing & 1st Impressions!


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This is available at Walmart called the SmarTab 7” Android 7.1, Nougat Tablet with HD display, Quad-core processor & 16GB Storage and above is a promotional link To Walmart’s website to buy the tablet that may help the channel out with a commision!.
Model: ST7150

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  1. Ramen3334
    Ramen3334 says:

    Does it have a MICROPHONE anywhere for Video Chats, or to do voice commands to it? Anyone who has this already, please let us know. On walmart's website it says you can do video chats (for which you'd need a mic), on the review video here, you can see a setup screen to where you can set it to say "hey Google" and have it reply (though that could just be stock Android, and could possibly not work on this model), and on Best Buy Canada's website (which has the same ST7150 unit with a kid-friendly blue bumper) it says "microphone: yes" — but the website also incorrectly says it's a 3Mhz MTK microprocessor (for the same "ST7150 unit with just a blue bumper) and nowhere on any picture of the unit can I see a mic hole. Also, the (very short) user guide doesn't mention a microphone (it points to a camera, speaker, etc but not a microphone), and when I called their Customer Support, someone who didn't seem to know anything put me on hold and came back to say "no, I don't think it has a microphone." But Walmart's description says you can do video chats, and the software has the "hey google" setting. So I just want to know if it has some way to hear your voice for video chats or "Hey Google!" commands, etc. Can someone who actually has the unit (reviewer, or anyone else), please comment on if it can actually "hear" you or not?

    Also, for video playback (mostly what I'd use it for) will it play MP4s and MKVs?

    Thanks anyone who can help! And thanks for the early review video here too!

  2. Djknight23
    Djknight23 says:

    Damn is true it looks slow I rather buy me a smartphone for $80 and it will perform better there's no cheap Android tablets that perform decent or good I wanted a Tablet to watch my movies and listen to music and go on the internet I don't play video games I hav my Xbox one s to do that but thanks for making this video I was going to buy it but not anymore the price says it all.


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