Walmart Onn Android Tablets Review: 8" and 10.1" Inexpensive Tablets


Find one at Walmart: (affiliate link) – Walmart has two Android tablets at very reasonable prices. Their 8″ version costs just $64 and the 10.1″ is $79. See more tablets: and subscribe!

00:18 – Price
00:50 – Hardware Overview
00:57 – System Specs
01:07 – Display
01:55 – Differences between 8″ and 10.1″
02:20 – Walmart Bloatware
03:27 – Second Version of 10″ Tablet
03:45 – Warranty
04:09 – Weight
04:18 – Battery Life
04:31 – Ports
05:50 – Performance: YouTube
06:32 – Display quality
07:09 – Performance: Web Browsing
07:24 – Gaming: Goat Simulator
08:09 – Gaming: PacMan 256
08:20 – Gaming: Retro Arc Emulator
08:51 – 3dMark Slingshot Benchmark Test
09:22 – Final Thoughts

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22 replies
  1. Tanner FixIt
    Tanner FixIt says:

    Using the 10.1" tablet to watch 720p 60FPS video on YouTube caused some serious stuttering issues during playback. If you plan on using this tablet to mirror your screen to a larger display, the only watchable experience you'll get is at 480p or below, which is not watchable when scaled up.

    I"ll probably return this one and get an older Galaxy tablet. Sometimes it's worth it to spend extra for something nice.

  2. Henry Harle
    Henry Harle says:

    I went to Walmart to look at the 10" model but after comparing the 8" to my cell phone screen I got the 8. It's a stripped down version of Android. I spent about a half day setting up email accounts getting a text app that I liked as well as just getting comfortable with the controls. Now that I have it set up I like it. At $64 it seems to be a fairly good deal.

    BRIAN WALKER says:

    Is The android OS 64 bit or 32 bit? With the push for 64bit compliance several games and applications are becoming incompatible with the 32bit version of Android. EVEN IF the processor is 64 bit IF the OS is NOT then a large number of apps and games just will NOT run.


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