VM-II Vs VM-III Inverters which one is Best | Tech Reviews


Complete Tech Reviews on Solar inverter what is the difference between VM II and VM III solar inverter. VM-II Vs VM III Inverters which one is Best?
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  1. Shaukat Ali
    Shaukat Ali says:

    please advise me that i have installed inverex inverter vmIII with 8 PVs of 250 watts and with 2 batteries. Basically I am a businessman and not a well known of electrition work but I have fitted myself and running of my house appliances like fridge, tv, fans, oven, iron and motor etc. problem is that in day time when the electricity goes down, all appliances run well on solar but in the evening time when electricity goes down, and all of my house appliances stopped immediately and not run even for 5 minute. I mean it is not working as UPS. pls let me know that what setting should be there that in the evening i can use this inverter as UPS. Awaitin for your reply soon. Shaukat Ali from Multan, mobile no.03026654766

  2. Rizwan Saeed
    Rizwan Saeed says:

    Agar is Inverter VM III k sath batteries nahi lagain or load input say ziada ho jaiy to yeh kia kary ga baki invertor to battery say current lena start kar dety han

  3. Khalid Masood Bajwa
    Khalid Masood Bajwa says:

    اسلام علیکم۔
    کیا میں 5kva کا انوریکس ڈائریکٹ سولر پلیٹ سے چلاؤں تو کوئی نقصان تو نہیں۔ صرف دن کے ٹائم میں ۔۔
    وولٹیج کا مسئلہ تو نہیں ہو گا ۔۔
    کمپلیٹ لوڈ ڈالنے کے بعد ۔

  4. Mustafa Hani
    Mustafa Hani says:

    Dost main cheez 2no k price difference bhi bataen.aur surge power 3.2 mai 6000 nahi 6400 hai.aur 2nd 5 nahi 5.2 hai jiski 10000nahi 10400 hai.plz check &inform?


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