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This week on Tabletzilla: We all know VIZIO as a popular HDTV manufacturer. But with their recent foray into the world of Tablet devices with the VIZIO 8″ VTAB1008 Tablet are they looking to expand? The device ships with an excellent universal remote control app as well as IR port making it a incredible tool for HTPC enthusiasts but how does it compare with other popular Android Tablets on the market (like the Kindle Fire)? Watch Veronica’s review and find out!


VIZIO Tablet Review

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24 replies
  1. MissXlavX
    MissXlavX says:

    This tablet sucks. Games like temple run or subway surfers is so slow that you can hardly play it. You can't listen to audio at all. A loud beeping noise comes and doesn't go until you close out of whatever you were doing. It's all together sucky. I am happily typing this from my nexus 7 🙂

  2. Marvin Salas
    Marvin Salas says:

    With the new honeycomb upgrade its definitely a good buy at 180 at costco it gets things done. Just buy a sd memory card and ship all that is possible to it keeps it quick..

  3. Donny Goodall
    Donny Goodall says:

    The VIA Plus 1.2 update hopes to fix that. It brings a slew of improvements, including better graphics performance, faster navigation and scrolling, longer battery life, and more device compatibilities for the tablet's universal remote functionality. The interface is noticeably snappier after the update, as we're trying it on our own unit, but we'll update with benchmarks for a better comparison.

  4. Donny Goodall
    Donny Goodall says:

    We reviewed the Vizio Tablet back in August and generally liked the 8-inch size and the unique hardware features, including an integrated IR blaster and three speakers for proper stereo sound in both landscape and portrait orientations. Its customized VIA Plus interface completely disguises the Android underneath, but looks pleasing and is intuitive. However, performance benchmarks were a bummer and the interface was noticeably sluggish at times.

    The VIA Plus 1.2 update hopes to fix that. It br


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