Vizio 8 Android Tablet Unboxing


Vizio 8 The Vizio tablet won’t be winning any design awards for its blazing fast hardware but for the price its got a few features that make it a tablet to consider. This 8 inch tablet is running a 1GHz Marvell Armada 600 Series single-core processor, along with 512MB of RAM and a measly 2GB of storage. This is not a lot of space but it does come with a micro SD card slot which can be expanded up to 32GB. The cost of 32GB micro SD is around $50, so the total cost of the Vizio Tablet plus the card is still up to $200 less than your average 32GB tablet. Additionally, transferring data to and from the tablet is easy thanks to its micro-USB port. A micro-USB cable is included in the box and is also used for charging the tablet. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth, WiFi, and a micro-HDMI port that supports 1080p full HD video-out and is HDCP compliant.



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  1. Domen Jacob
    Domen Jacob says:

    I have this tablet and its faster than my computer and its faster than yours is and my pictures  are clear. Plus on the bottom on the bottom where you said it was there was nothing if you pull that up then its a place to put a sd card

  2. TobyDawg79
    TobyDawg79 says:

    Dude, shut up. We came here for an un- boxing video, what did you expect? I think this person did a good job on giving a rundown of the package's contents, as should be in an unboxing video…

  3. thej762000
    thej762000 says:

    Got a VTAB about a month ago. My short review:

    Pros: Cheap as hell ($189 @ Costco), Android tablet with trad universal remote.
    Cons: Slow processor, universal remote not fully featured and no learning feature.

    Overall I would have stuck with the VTAB, but today I got a stuck pixel on the screen. Going to return and buy the Sony Tablet S to replace. Don't let the VTAB put you off Vizio in general: I've had one of their 47in HDTV's for about 2yrs and it's excellent.

  4. Elizabeth Buckner
    Elizabeth Buckner says:

    I have had this tablet for 6 months and absolutely love it. I use it for multiple things like books, music, web/facebook and email. It works great for those things.

    If your looking for a really good camera though this isn't the best for that. Other than that, it runs well.


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