Visual Reviews Tech Tip: How to make a pressure tester


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For this weeks tech tip is a DIY on how to make a pressure tester. Any true hardcore paintballer needs a pressure tester in their gear bag. A pressure tester is great for finding out HPA tank outputs and also setting the output on your reg.

Things to will need:
1. Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
2. Adapter 1/4″ NPT F to 1/8″ NPT
3. on/off asa from a remote line
4. teflon tape



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  1. firebirdjimbo
    firebirdjimbo says:

    @knis2me2 sure does. teflon tape is only for rough things like big 3" pipe threads or things of that nature. blue loctite is more of a sealer than a threadlocker. iv'e been using it in my paintball guns for years.

  2. VRpaintball
    VRpaintball says:

    @cadydude no blue loctite is meant to lock threads in for and prevent the bolt or screw from coming apart from vibration.Teflon tape is a specialized type of tape used in plumbing to seal connections throughly, ensuring that pipes will not leak.


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