Visual Land 10" Android Lollipop Tablet Review - Prestige Elite A10QL


A review of the Visual Land Prestige Elite A10QL 10″ Android Tablet running 5.0 Lollipop.

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  1. fasteddie bassman
    fasteddie bassman says:

    All u guys love to give us ur opinions, reviews & comparisons …but gee no one shows us how to use them or speaks to us in lehmans terms we can understand – its like me showing u sheet music –

  2. Mark Bowman
    Mark Bowman says:

    SpinDoctor Reviews – Do you know if I'm able to buy a micro USB splitter to run the tablet direct to my Ethernet cable? If so what type of splitter would I need to buy, thanks!

  3. Murdina Ina
    Murdina Ina says:

    Thanks for the review. I would however be greatful if SOMEONE with knowledge of "how to print wirelessly" say on an HP printer from a Visual Land Tablet Or ANY tablet/Android for that matter. Thank you!

  4. LabelMeWeird
    LabelMeWeird says:

    I'm thinking about buying one online(for a reasonable price) but I have a few questions.

    -How is this different from the Premier?

    -Do you often have trouble to lagging and freezing?

    -Does the keyboard stop working at times?

    -Can I use a wireless mouse with this?

  5. Mary Sample
    Mary Sample says:

    It's the Visual Land Prestige Elite 11Q 11.6 HD 32 GB Tablet with docking keyboard. It's got an 8 MP camera. Anyone have one I'm kinda worried because of the other 2.

  6. Mary Sample
    Mary Sample says:

    I have had two of these and the only problem I have had is the charging port wears out or the weld on the charging port breaks and it moves making charging impossible. I tried a different brand but ended up repurchasing another visual land. I am going to keep the charging cord connected and just plug it into the wall unit to charge the tablet! This new one is 11 inches has a docking keyboard I think it's the biggest one with a keyboard. Wish me luck!


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