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When searching online, I noted there weren’t many videos discussing the app, Tablet Talk. I took this is my excuse to finally make my first review video.



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  1. Alan Watts
    Alan Watts says:

    What if you could securely text and make voice calls from your tablet, using your Android phone number? Now you can!

    that is from the app description on the google play store as of today, so things have changed, maybe?

  2. Rob Blaich
    Rob Blaich says:

    At the time of this review, no. The most it would do is show caller ID on your tablet, and you had the ability to pick-up or hang-up. But if you answered the call, you'd have to quickly grab your phone.

    As of now, I'm not sure what can be done. In all honesty, I've moved on to MightyText because I can text via my desktop as well.

  3. JP Davis
    JP Davis says:

    Love this app. Now I can use my Tab in the work vehicle for navigation, music, etc. And leave my phone in my pocket/belt. I used to have to remember to plug/unplug mount/unmount the phone every time I got in/out of the van so I wouldn't miss calls if I was making a delivery. This solved that in the best way. I just paid $1.99 for it this morning. Good video. Hope it's not too harsh on the phone battery…(Tab is plugged-in in the van)


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