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Gal Gadot did an oopsie. Razer did an oopsie. Oprah did an oopsie. It never ends.

Watch the saga unfold:

Gal Gadot:
Anushka Sharma:
Samsung again:

Twitter account inspector:

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  1. Sebastian M
    Sebastian M says:

    Lol you made a really long video about this issue. But you act like your not bothered and then you went on to say I’m not going to call out this person name dropped a few just saying a bit of a contradictive. No hate intended just thought it was a bit odd

  2. Lawless Phantom
    Lawless Phantom says:

    Some people say its not a big deal but imagine this. What if you say a truck ad for a chevy and then in the end it zooms out and shows that the truck being driven was a toyota?


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