Verizon Galaxy Nexus First Impressions


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Music used with permission: The Nth° by OVERWERK
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32 replies
  1. Roman Yarema
    Roman Yarema says:

    dude whats the difference bewteen the galaxy nexus having t mobile and verizon???? its looks pretty different.. ( better with verizon ) does the phone changes ?

  2. JSantana319
    JSantana319 says:

    Just saw this video with the Galaxy Nexus. Watching videos on this device is amazing. I love how the virtual buttons disappear when you watch a video and the video takes over the entire screen.

  3. Christian Vásquez
    Christian Vásquez says:

    I bought my Galaxy Nexus I9250 just because of your videos, Marques. And im absolutely satisfied with this phone, its just what i wanted. Everything runs smooth and works fine, no "Force to close" anymore. Im using the stock Android 4.1 Jelly Bean directly from Google. And I run out of battery at 5 or 6pm because of all the things i like to tweak and change to make it even more comfortable. Just wanted to say "Thanks you" for letting us all know about this wonderful device. PEACE!


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