VANKYO MatrixPad S30 $150 10.1” Android Tablet Review - Is it Worth Buying?


In this video we take a look at the all-new VANKYO MatrixPad S30 a $150 10.1 Inch Android 9.0 Tablet powered by an 8 Core 1.6Ghz CPU and Backed by 3Gb of Ram, Is it any Good? Let’s find out.

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2019 Fire Hd 10 Tablet:

VANKYO MatrixPad S30 Specs:
CPU: Unisoc SC9863A Octa-Core Cortex A55 28nm
4x Cores @ 1.6Ghz 4x Cores 1.2Ghz
GPU: PowerVR Rogue GE8322
Display: 10.1” IPS @ 1200×1920 60Hz
Storage: 32GB – Micro Sd Card Upto 128GB
Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n/ac – BT 5.0 – A-GPS
Battery: 6000mAh Upto 15 Hours
Cameras: 13MP Rear – 8MP
OS: Android 9.0 October 2019 Patch

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Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus:
Flirc Case:

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  1. Dams A
    Dams A says:

    I had a tablet with similar specs (Archos Oxygen 101S, same CPU, GPU and 3Gigs of ram too), it was a pain to use with a refresh rate of 48hz. Awful experience when you try to do some retrogaming with. Even web browsing was quite bad.

  2. The Generous Degenerate
    The Generous Degenerate says:

    Everyones all down on bezels… I like bezels. You can hold it without touching things. You drop it less and when you innevitably do you got a chance of only messing up a bezel. Of course too big is too big, but I like em.

  3. Mark Smith
    Mark Smith says:

    As far as tablets go it boils down to two, either an iPad or If you’re on a budget Fire HD, the Samsung’s are too pricey so may as well get an iPad and the fire HD makes cheap Android tablets redundant.

  4. 16bit Classics
    16bit Classics says:

    Almost got one of these at one point few months back, was deciding between a similar model to this with a micro HDMI out or a samsung 2019 tab A10, went with the samsung tablet and its amazing, and fits all my needs.


    Most tablet/smartphone manufacturers don't want you to know what is inside their products nowadays because they can more easily justify their crazy pricing when you have to replace your faulty device…

  6. Just Jacob
    Just Jacob says:

    can you figure out if it's possible to crypto mine on the le potato you used for a past video? i know its probably not profitable i still think its something cool to test

  7. Dom Houtz
    Dom Houtz says:

    Man that's a shame it doesn't perform even close to the new HD 10. Externally it looks great, I like the aluminum back panel. Guess that is what happens when you go for the more 'premium' look and feel, you get sub-par components.

  8. KingDom's Kingdom
    KingDom's Kingdom says:

    Dude this is almost the same as my old 50 dollar Huewei or whatever chinese phone . you can get an LG G5 or G7 ever with better specs for 50-100 bucks best thing to go for imo USB C with LG G5 32 gb or G7 with 64 GB and a USB C 7 port adapter for 10 bucks i found on amazon Grey clear see thru one best Cheap way to set up a cheap Gaming System for retro gaming possibly i think from what ive seen other than the X3 Android Tv Boxes for like 30-50 bucks. with the USB adapter you just hook it up to the TV and you can hook up Xbox controller or whatever on the phone or any USB game controller

  9. Timmy Burden
    Timmy Burden says:

    I own this tablet just a different manufacturer. I do like the CPU as it's snappy on even demanding web sites. I got mine for 110 dollars. The other plus is that it's got Android 9. The bad is the display is locked at 50hz on mine as well. I use a gamepad to play games on my tablet. The graphics processor is not very good. The CPU does use a lot power. I enjoy my tablet even with the flaws. I watch videos, do email and internet. It is a bummer that for whatever reason this chipset cannot do 60hz.

  10. Jaz808
    Jaz808 says:

    Hetz & Frame Rate are counted at "cycles per second" but Not the same, Hezt's contains Freq and more
    Aussie's grew up with 50hz and 24fps(23.97) for TV @ 352×256 Res,
    I once was Big into Video Conversion back in the day of VCD

  11. hmoham
    hmoham says:

    Pal and 50Hz…that was pretty much my entire childhood, playing games that were 17% slower and ugly borders, cannot tell you how excited I was when Sega revealed that they will give developers the option to include a 50hz and 60hz mode in their game, probably one of the underlooked features of the Dreamcast that changed gaming in Europe for consoles forever.


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