Using the iPad 2 in 2019 - Review


The iPad 2 was massive upgrade over the first generation, and was updatable all the way up to iOS 9… which may not be a good thing. So today let’s talk about the iPad 2 and how it holds up in 2019!

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Downgrade to iOS 8 –
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  1. Tyler Beeson
    Tyler Beeson says:

    My mom used an iPad 2 until I gave her my iPad Air 2 in 2015. iOS 9 was so slow on it that I had to disable all visual effects, turn off spotlight, and lots of other things to make it usable. Now, Older iOS devices still feel extremely fast compared to how they used to. The iPad Air 2, the oldest supported iPad on iPad OS 13, is still extremely fast today and I experience zero lag when using it in normal scenarios.

  2. Trusted Texan
    Trusted Texan says:

    My grandfather has this, and based on what his is like, I wouldn’t say it is great in 2019. ALTHOUGH – if you want a very cheap iPad for YouTube or simple games this is not bad! Good video! 🙂


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