Using an Android tablet to paint in GIMP [like a real graphics tablet]


This is a first demonstration video of our app “GfxTablet” that is capable of transmitting touch events of your Android tablet/smartphone to a WiFi-connected Linux PC. With GfxTablet, you can use your tablet like a common graphics tablet.

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Update Jan 27th 2013 The app is now available for free in the Play Store: Enjoy 😉

_What the app can do so far:

* Draw/Paint using your finger on all Android 4+ smartphones (only tested with Galaxy S2)
* Draw/Paint using the stylus pen of your Android 4+ tablet (only tested with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1)
* Pen only option (to not disturb your pen drawings when laying your hand on the tablet)
* Automatic screen resolution sync (your mobile device screen is mapped to the full display resolution of your X screen. I.e. tapping the mobile screen bottom right will place the mouse pointer on your PC bottom right too)
* Pressure sensitivity of your pen (if available by your device)
* Navigation on screen when hovering the tablet display, without painting

_Technical stuff / Requirements:
* Android 4.0+ on your input device
* Linux

To get a connection between the devices, you need a special driver that has been originally developed for the X server (which is mostly used by different Linux OS). We then switched to the uinput driver.

If you’re interested in trying this, please head over to our projects on github! (everything on one place) new uinput driver, installation instructions and more

More on the development: (you will find a link to the app on sourceforge there!)

GfxTablet app and the uinput driver were created by Richard Hirner
Video speaker and demo: Bernhard Stockmann
Music at start: Volfoniq — Hypnos_Lata_Remix, Deltason — Ground_Loop (at the end)
Awesome free music!!

We hope that you like the project and that you have enjoyed the video!



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  1. Vloop Plays Minecraft
    Vloop Plays Minecraft says:

    Hallo!!! Message from the future… It's 2019, I was browsing FOR THIS SPECIFICALLY (LOL) and I searched on GooglePlay, I clicked on the link here… Was it discontinued for Android?
    EDIT: I have found it!!! "Graphics Tablet" by Krelix. – There's even this very same video there.

  2. Micha -
    Micha - says:

    is it also possible to connect with a usb cable? i have wifi but my pc has cable internet…
    i also have very bad wifi my room is in the attic ._.

  3. Thalass
    Thalass says:

    Edit: Never mind! I had started Krita before networktablet. Start them up in the proper sequence and it works great! Thanks 🙂

    Anyone had any luck using this with Krita? I can't see how to get pressure events to it. Works great with GIMP!

  4. andres gomez
    andres gomez says:

    Hello. I have the following problem. I run the command.
    sudo ./networktablet
    And as a response I have the following.
    error: prepare_socket(): Address already in use.
    Can someone help me please ?


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