Use fire tablet for navigation. More info in description.


I am using a fire tablet 10 as a navigation unit in my f-150 with the Globalsat BT-821C. I bought all of these items on amazon used. Links are below.

I designed and uploaded a fire tablet 10 holder for my F150 that I made on my 3d printer. It is a free design and anyone is more than welcome to print or modify it. I believe you can also order for someone else to print the design and ship it to you but I have never used that service. Here is the link to that.
Here is someone else’s redesign to fit an 8″ tablet.

Link to video on how to install the google play store on a fire tablet:

Items used in video
Fire Tablet 10 (Bought used for 75):
GlobalSat BT-821C (Bought used for 36):
Magnetic Phone/Tablet Mount:

Steps to achieve this set up:

1. Own or buy the fire tablet or android wifi only tablet of your choice along with a bluetooth gps of your choice. Note: you can buy tablets with built in gps like an ipad that has cellular and you don’t need a cellular plan to use it as a gps.

2. (Fire tablet only) Set up the google play store on your fire tablet and install the map app of your choice and you need the Bluetooth GPS app like I use in the video. Note that if you use downloaded maps you do not need to have a wifi connection but I connect mine to the hotspot on my phone. I have used for offline maps when I have no LTE on my phone but the gps will still work.

3. Connect the bluetooth gps to your device (the set password for all GlobalSat BT-821C is ‘0000’) and open the bluetooth gps app where it will guide you to turn on mock locations and then you will go back to the app and press play like I do in the video. Then open any map app like google maps or waze and navigate wherever you want. I like to have my offline maps downloaded on and use google maps when I am connected to my phones hotspot.

If you have any questions comment them and I will try to help.



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  1. deathday
    deathday says:

    This is a very cool idea that I intend to try out soon… but doesn’t google limit the maps you can download? I love to see the satellite/earth view and it definitely doesn’t like me downloading a whole city of that.

  2. Muffetts Mycology
    Muffetts Mycology says:

    Just wanna say a big thank you my man! I was really struggling with the limited functionality of the Amazon fire and considering I purchased it specifically for my car I was getting frustrated. Big thank you again!

  3. Timothy K
    Timothy K says:

    Does this mean you use the fire hd purely for navigation only ? Since your fire is connected to your bluetooth gps, which means your fire has no bluetooth connection to your truck…so you really don't get to use the Amazon music or many other features that come along with the fire hd… even if you do, the volume from the fire is going to be too low to listen.


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