urban armor gear Rogue Folio Case for iPad Air 2 review



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  1. Romilos Fronimides
    Romilos Fronimides says:

    The point is to PROTECT your expensive device – not to get/buy a "good looking" one case.
    If you want your device to looking good… well, WHY BOTHER to buy a case? Most of the devices have great design. So, let it "naked"!

    …From my part, which I want my devices to be GREAT PROTECTED, I care not if this case adds more weight or size or what ever…
    I bought it, it arrived today with my new iPad Air 2… and looks amazing! I mean, I never had SO SUPERB PROTECTION with any other case.
    I had a mini iPad 2, with Berkin case and the official Apple smart cover – guess what? Even if I was SOOO MUCH careful, the iPad fell from the "stand" position (with the smart cover rolled) and the device fell over the ashtray, the Berkin case was damaged and the iPad got a "nice" BIG scratch on a corner!

    So… I don't care if the device looking "big" – I care to be protected! I'm not planning to send my device for… Beauty Contest!

  2. H Thomas
    H Thomas says:

    What is different and excellent in this videl review is that he shows you how pad feels and looks as you fold the front back. Most other reviews only show when in stand mode.


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