UNO & Friends Review [iPhone & iPad]



Join Tony as he reviews “Uno & Friends” for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch iOS devices. This game was published & developed by Uno & Friends takes a fast paced, online, social spin on the classic card game. It’s fun, but at a catch!



Uno & Friends
Uno and Friends
Uno & Friends Review
Uno and Friends Review
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  1. John Justice
    John Justice says:

    this is one of the worst games on pc…well at least in the top 3, there are so many complaints that i have about this game, thank god i dont pay a dime to play it, i have been playing for so long that i have many coins and tokens saved up, and even though i hate the people that play this game i still play it because it passes the time and its free, for those of you who pay for it, your idiots, i have so many complaints that it would take me all day but i am gonna mention a few right now, so whomever is interested in my opinion then feel free to read away, but the first thing i cant stand is how it seems that everyone plays dirty just so they can win, and then there is the players that some believe are the computer players but i believe they are actual staff members or the one that run the servers (jim, merrill, audrey) and there are many more that you will come across in every single mode you go in, they are the ones that you cant send a friend request to or block them or anything, and at first i thought  they were just computer automated but then i noticed that they knew when to hit uno, when to throw a certain color or card on someone etc etc but these douschbags play dirty as hell, for example i was playing with 3 of them and i had my last 2 cards, one was a draw 4 and the other was a number 6 blue, so i threw the draw 4 on merrill and made the color blue because of the blue card i had left, when it came to audrey even though she had a blue card she could have played she threw a change color card and made it yellow, so right at the last second she got the gold and i lost, and then we have other game modes that are just as bad if not worse than playing with audrey and them,but uno dare sucks bad and so does the tournaments, they both have the same game play, where the name of the game is to get rid of most of your high ranking cards before the time ticks down and be the last one with the lowest number of cards to win, and since that is the case, all of the computer cowards …the already ASSHOLES  that play the game do nothing but throw draw twos and skip cards and reverse cards until the timer ticks down and you dont get a chance to even the playing field, and since im talking about letting the timer tick down, that is one of the biggest problems with this game, and everyone knows it, they wait til the last second to throw in a card and in the uno dare or tournaments they only give you 2 minutes to play so by the time you get skipped and it makes it back around to you again the color has been changed or someone has waited to long and you have 3 or 4 seconds to play your card again, and then there is the wheel of fortune or whatever its called that when you win a hand…IF you win a hand, you will get that wheel after playing uno dare, and if you are stupid enough to pay to play this game mode you will lose ever single time, this game is rigged and the people who play it are GIANT JACKASSES who hide behind a computer screen or hand held device, and the funny thing is people have died because of the cheating in card games and the fact of just being an asshole, so playing in person kept most people honest, but thanks to gameloft this game has turned out to be a platform for every punk ass asshole all across the world…so good job game loft you greedy self absorbed dick heads…your games suck btw.

  2. RicardoEdm
    RicardoEdm says:

    If you read the FAQ, there is NO way to "unfriend." Please be very careful. If you play only for free, then you're okay. As soon as you start buying the "in app purchases" every time the game suffers a glitch (of which there are MANY), you generally will lose your coins (the ones you spent to pay, the ones you bought to power up, the ones you bought to keep a winning streak going, etc.) You don't lose them because you "lost" but because the game froze, the game quit, etc. If you try to report your loss of REAL money to GameLoft, you'll have better luck yelling down a well

  3. Claudio Stefanelli
    Claudio Stefanelli says:

    Veramente riuscite a portare la gente i vostri clienti allo sfinimento non e' possibile ancora la connessione internet non e' possibile comunicare col server…. Anche questa andrà su you tube veramente senza parole…..anche se c'è ne sarebbero da dirvi……(su you tube per essere chiari ci sarà scritto non scaricate ruba i gettoni )

  4. Claudio Stefanelli
    Claudio Stefanelli says:

    Veramente dopo ore che non entravo la prima partita e subito la connessione siete veramente inutili invece di mettere le monete a metà prezzo fate qualcosa per i problemi che hail gioco anche questa andrà su you tube pessimo e comincia anche a essere noioso non scaricatelo ruba e basta


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