Unique New Roof Technology For Cabins


Unique New Roof Technology For Cabins

WEBSITE: www.bizibuild.com.au

PHONE: 0401 497 324

EMAIL: build@ bizibuild.com.au

Hello its John Dwyer from Bizibuild

Just showing you our One Bed Site Office Cabin

Got some new technology to show you up on the roof

Just climb up the ladder here

Pretty wind here on site so im not sure if you will be able to see it

We put a new curved roof into these units

Its complex to do but it allows for better water run off

The old flat roofs used to pool water up there

These new systems also allow us to pack more insulation inside the roofs

These units they come with a, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bed, Office, Furniture, Hot Water Unit
There a Multi-Purpose, Portable unit

We deliver them fully assembled

This one taped up ready to be shipped out and if you wanted to have a look at the inside, check out the link in the comments

Super excited to show you



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