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The Unikeep Game Cartridge Case for Nintendo Switch, PSVita, 3DS, and even Disc Sleeve holders for PS4/Xbox/Wii U – https://www.amazon.com/stores/UniKeep/UniKeep/page/278E0D56-9B01-404D-83E0-ED556358A866

These cases are made out of plastic with foam to keep the cartridges secure inside, unless you are really rough with the case, very rarely will a cartridge fall out. If you set it down you will never have an issue.

Yes, I am one of those nerds with over 60 games, so I bought a second case, what a better time to make a video on this.

Color Combinations(60 Cartridges – $19.99)
Video Games with an atari like logo/color scheme
Green and Pink(Splatoon)
Solid Red
Solid Black
Solid Yellow
Teal, Yellow, Grey(Switch Lite Format)

Color Combinations, 30 Games($14.99)
Dark Blue/Yellow
Space-Video Game Collection, looks cool wish it was in 60
Solid Black
Green Abstract
Teal/Yellow/Grey(Switch Lite Format)

3DS has 40 with the Video Games Rainbow Atari like logo, and 20 Games with Clear Red Squares

There are also Xbox and Playstation Game cases designed to hold 10 80 games, this is great for when you want to go over friends houses, but don’t want to take 10 boxes. I don’t have one of these to show off, but thinking of buying one. You can get it at https://www.unikeep.com/video-game-storage/

A review on the Inateck Nintendo Switch Case and Backpack will be coming soon.

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