Unboxing: Huawei MediaPad M5 (8.4") - Best Android Tablet?


Huawei MediaPad M5 – Premium Android Tablet (64GB)
Find it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2GNRPQD
Huawei’s website: https://consumer.huawei.com/us/tablets
OR on GearBest: https://goo.gl/xa9DcB

2K Ultra Vison and 2.5D Glass-Edge display
Curved, sleek design with slim, lightweight metal unibody
2 built-in speakers tuned by Harman Kardon – 360 degree surround sound
Kirin 960 Processor for fast performance, with high performing GPU for excellent for graphics and gaming
10 hours of video playback, quick charge from 0% to 100% in 2 hours

Huawei Media pad M5, Built for Entertainment. The 2k ClariVu Display and Harman Kardon tuned speakers allows you to immerse yourself in all your entertainment wants. The M5’s robust performance is fueled by a Kirin 960 Processor, excellent for gaming. With a long lasting battery and Quick Charge capability, enjoy hours of your favorite entertainment. The sleek design and thin unit-body, allow you to take the M5 anywhere – work, home or play.

Flawless High-Res Audio
HUAWEI MediaPad M5 supports Hi-Res audio – an industry standard for sound quality. Every facet is captured perfectly, keeping treble sweet and bass anchored for a far truer, more immersive listening experience.Tuned by the renowned acoustic legend Harman Kardon® Audio, the tablet delivers quality sound with more bass, and no distortion.



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  1. Louay prank
    Louay prank says:


  2. VastGsm
    VastGsm says:

    This is advertised as a 2K tablet with a display of 2560×1600 boasting 480xxhdpi. WARNING: This does not play anything on #YouTube higher than 1080p. #Huawei blame #YouTube and #YouTube blame #Huawei. I predict 80% of the vast majority of consumers who purchase this tablet will want to play 2K in #YouTube #Amazon #Netflix #Hulu etc. Contacting #Huawei Technical Support will be a waste of time as the only advice given will be to Open your tablet Web Browser Chrome, FireFox, etc and Search for and download a 2K Movie trailer. How many consumers purchased this tablet exclusively to manually download Movie Trailers in 2K to watch? Unfortunately consumers will be ultimately disappointed by this and will most likely return their devices for a refund. Just take a look at Amazon Reviews and alike to see a reflection of this.

  3. triniti korneli
    triniti korneli says:

    Can someone tell me is this tablet have some software for turning off the half of each of its speakers? Because when holding it my hands would be exactly on the speakers. Its a big problem for the devise if not.

  4. African Twin
    African Twin says:

    I have the m5 8.4 and this is what i think of it. To many bloatware. Battery is to small. Tablet is quit thin. No accessory's for the 8.4 inch for sale in europe netherlands like screenprotectors, covers,tpu sillicon , on off switch and volume button are on the wrong site when using it horizontal. Canot remove anoying swifkey. Had to put on a classic keyboard app , just to get the nice size keys.. Big camera sticking out of the body. Very High price 350 euro.

  5. Kul4 Kall3
    Kul4 Kall3 says:

    Lol, no headphone jack, makes this tablet totally useless to me, I lothe blue tooth audio gear, I wouldn't buy it even if it was 100 times more powerful, had better graphics etc. This not just an opinion, having to charge your headphones is a big hassle.:

  6. phoenixkmn
    phoenixkmn says:

    Great review. I am going to buy a tablet and my main concern is screen quality and weight, as I use it as a pdf reader. While white balance of M5 can be adjusted, I read in other reviews that even after doing this, there will still be a some blue tint on the screen, which will be very annoying for reading pdf files. Also those reviews say that contrast ratio of M5 is not great, again very important for pdf readers. Could you help me with this concern, and also let me know which of these tablets you recommend as pdf reader: M5, Tab S3, Ipad, or Asus Zenpad 3S. Thanks again.

  7. Martin Lynch
    Martin Lynch says:

    I have one of these and I have to say it's a beautiful tablet. It's just a shame that Android do not offer tablet based apps like Apple. For example The Times newspaper app for IOS is superb. For Android it is worse than useless and in fact the app won't even load on the M5. Ditto Paypal, again won't even load on an M5 – says "device not compatible." Still wouldn't stop me keeping it, just annoying.


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