Unboxing Every Green iPhone 11!


Midnight green is the new rage on iPhone 11 Pro. Here’s everything you get in the new box!

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  1. Danielle Watts
    Danielle Watts says:

    So I’m guessing nobody red where he said UNBOXING GREEN iPhone 11 …didn’t want to hear him talk about the DAMN color how about NOT clicking on a video about the GREEN iPhone 11🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Karan Patil
    Karan Patil says:

    Hey MKBHD Please make a comparison video of
    I phone Xs and I phone 11 please………
    A huge confusion between this two phones
    I HOPE 🤞🏻 you are listening to me
    Thank you 😇

  3. Pat Lalor
    Pat Lalor says:

    very interesting that the plastic is on the front only ? why in the world is this interesting? Itll probably save a penguin somewhere in the antartica from coughing it up some day, that i get but peeling only 1 piece of plastic instead of 2? now thats something to get very excited over… and he never mentioned the colour green … 🙂

  4. WaysideTurnip
    WaysideTurnip says:

    The fact you can upload a color review that's 6 min long because people actually still give a shit about apple products is pathetic.😂 the mobile interests people have nowadays is sickening.


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