Ultimate Mouse + Trackpad Guide for iPad 2020 (iPadOS 13.4)


How to use cursor, mouse, and trackpad for iPad in 2020 with the iOS 13.4 update!
Wallpaper: https://twitter.com/_craycraft/status/1241511008159649793?s=21
iOS 13.4 video: check back on Monday!

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34 replies
  1. Pierre-François LOTIRON
    Pierre-François LOTIRON says:

    Hey there ! Excellent job, really ! 😉 Thank you ! As the iPad Pro should be for professionals, I'm wondering how does it do with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides directly in Safari. I know there were some problems in selecting items. Anyhow, thanks again !

  2. Mel Gross
    Mel Gross says:

    I just wish my Logitech trackball used Bluetooth instead of their proprietary usb stick radio. I’m going to try it on my iPad Pro with my hub for it and see if it will work through the hub. I don’t have high hopes, but I won’t know until I try it, right?

  3. Gabriel Abdi
    Gabriel Abdi says:

    great video, dude! ive been searching for a video like theis explaining the cursor features for a while and couldnt find any. Do you mind doing a similar video with a normal iPad or iPad Air, considering those have home buttons and are a bit different than iPad pro? Also, do you know if gestures work on all Trackpad or does it have to be the magic Trackpad?

  4. Leslie Graham
    Leslie Graham says:

    Every time there is something new out I wait for you to do a video about it. I follow a lot of youtubers but you are the best at explaining things. Thanks for this one. Will definitely re watch this and take notes.


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