Transformer Pad 300 vs Transformer Prime!


Asus Transformer Pad 300 vs Transformer Prime Battle! Thumbs up!

Asus Transformer Pad 300:
Asus Transformer Prime:

3D Stripe Wallpapers:




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  1. PaceDeliTV
    PaceDeliTV says:

    Marques question i need a tablet that has full mircosoft use for my business doc's and runs fast and has great display and great memory camera use and i need a keyboard im kinda of a baby to the tech world but i respect your opinion very much what do you think ? i was thinking about  Asus – Transformer T100 – 64GB – Gray  ???? budget $400-$500 WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND ?

  2. SmoothnSavvy
    SmoothnSavvy says:

    What's you opinion on the camera? It looks like the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity Tablet TF700T has a Flash whereas I don't think the Transformers do. Am I correct?

  3. GinsuSher
    GinsuSher says:

    i have a question…. do you buy all of these stuff ? or do the companies offer you a review model… and i guess a follow up to that would be… what do you do for a living ?

    i know it's kind of personal and all.. and if you prefer not to answer them. no biggie.

    i still like you vids. rock on man

  4. oasisbeyond
    oasisbeyond says:

    300 is the best tablet, the prime sucks with terrible wifi. t700 sucks with bad touch screen and bad battery life. It also has a huge Resolution… That no apps support so everything looks either tiny or awful… It's built for the future though. T300 is near perfection, just needed that better screen like the prime has.

  5. Ravenclawfire
    Ravenclawfire says:

    How much more does the wifi suffer in the prime? Im looking at a half a year used prime for 350 vs buying a brand new 300 for 380+Tax(so the 300 would be more expensive but brand new) if the wifi is that much better the 300 is probably better?

  6. TheCrazyKenster
    TheCrazyKenster says:

    Hey can you check out the Transformer infinity? And can you compare the two cores? (The one for 3g is S4 Krait, and the one for wifi is tegra 3) That would help alot. Also can you tell me if 3g is worth it? (I don't know which one to buy)


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