TPX Reviews - "Maisto Tech: Baja Beast" (Test Drive)


Heres me taking the Maisto Tech: Baja Beast for a spin. Got 1 of 3 at Walmart for $39.00! Went back a week later and they were no where to be found.



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  1. Tommy Hua
    Tommy Hua says:

    Nice Review! I love this thing, and the Rock Crawler that they also make!

    You should try the XTech Speed Bug though, THAT THING IS INCREDIBLY FAST for a toy.

  2. HobbyBrothers9977
    HobbyBrothers9977 says:

    here is a helpfull tool get a pair of oil filled shocks that size paint them orange and make them fit to the frame hook up some new tires and get like 5 batteries or change the circuit to hold a 1500 MAH traxxis 6 cell battery then it really is a hobby pro grade toy i did it to mine runs like a traxxis almost and for 40$


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