Toshiba Thrive 10.1 Inch Android Tablet Review


This is our review of the Toshiba Thrive Tablet. it is very nice and has some things that no other tablet has to offer.

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  1. Dean S
    Dean S says:

    I was given this table 3 1/2 years ago and have just started using it regularly and being very frustrated. I learned a lot from this review and thank you very much! I am going to try and see if I can find out how to upgrade to a better system like Ice Cream or whatever will work with this tablet. Thanks again!

  2. David Chase
    David Chase says:

    I had problems with the google voice speach to text. I think that I need an external mic, Am I correct with this hypothesis? I thought the device had a mic built in to the front Video camera, just by assumption of the two dot's next to the optical lens on the chrome plate surrounding it. Do I need an external Mic?

  3. helenw4
    helenw4 says:

    Thank you for explaining this Tablet. Have had one for over a year, but still not been able to use it the way I would like to. From listening to you, I may be able to handle it better now. Thank you so much!!

  4. Adrian Carrillo
    Adrian Carrillo says:

    Great Review.. By far this is the best tablet regarding memory expansion. all the new ones have a 32gb max. with this one u could add a portable hard drive and up to 128 gb on the memory card.. Nice i'm definitely getting one.

  5. Cat McNichol
    Cat McNichol says:

    Care to comment, anyone, on the sound issue? What's with the volume not being strong enough? For various reasons, I'm depending on a good volume to hook up to a sound board…but not if it's an issue.

  6. MW Technology
    MW Technology says:

    thanks, i don't have a review on it. i don't thing ill get a chance to get that tablet because there are some other windows tablets that are coming out very soon that ill be reviewing.

  7. Jibran Tughlaq
    Jibran Tughlaq says:

    This is one of the best review videos I have come across… no access noise, no shaky pics, pros cons.. improvement suggestion .. good job…. keep it up..:-)

    btw I was looking for Samsung Tab2 7 inch. can u do a review on it…or u have already done…..plz msg me the link.

  8. In19944
    In19944 says:

    I've had every tablet, including ipad3. this is by far the best one out. HMDI, USB, microsoft office capabilities. Drag and drop is not capable with any other tabs. Only two cons are sound and a 5mp camera. Don't install jellybean 3.1. Honeycomb is better on the Thrive for some reason.


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