Top 5 Smart Home Tech of 2019 (for Amazon Echo, Google Home & Siri!)


5 ► singlecue Gen 2 – Remoteless control for your Living Room devices. Compatible with Alexa
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4 ► Echo Dot (2nd Generation)
●Amazon International :
●Amazon US :

3 ► MySmartBlinds Automation Kit Motorized Blinds for iOS & Android Devices
●Amazon International :
●Amazon US :

2 ► Echo Show
●Amazon International :
●Amazon US :

1 ► Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lock
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●Amazon US :

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35 replies
  1. Mick W
    Mick W says:

    My house is a dumb house, I have to manually open the doors would you believe it? My bed doesn't even tuck me in or sing me a lullaby? I am glad I am smart enough to do those things myself…

  2. Mick W
    Mick W says:

    Alexa will you control my life so that when I bare children they become autistic and are not able to do anything well in life apart from lick balloons and turn lights on and off non-stop with the sound of their voice?

  3. summerlamkin truthseeker
    summerlamkin truthseeker says:

    Feel like been spy.d on . Smart meter in my new house smart meter wit wan also wi fi 44dB on my fridge. with wifi sygnal I didnt want any wi fi in my home .wake up people big brother is watching and prob listening also I do not consent .😞

  4. shaun farrell
    shaun farrell says:

    And after owning all of these " SMART " Technologies you can feel more comfotable as they spy on you in your own home and the Wifi frequency radiation makes you sick only to go outside and be bombarded with the coming 5G Frequency Radiation ( as used by the Military as a weapon of war & law enforcement to disperse crowds / protests …… it can make water boil … ie : we are 70% water )
    And as everthing you do is listened in on and controlled ( driverless cars will be centrally contolled , all possible with 5G )
    You will all be hearded into " Smart Cities " to live out your remaining tax cattle days ….. that is the one's not mass genocided from Mandatory Vaccines and the organised contol spread virus to kull the " useless eaters "

    Go to sleep ….. enjoy your technology and mandatory RFID Chip implants …… " it's all for the greater good "

    …… " Nobody seems to notice , nobody seems to care "
    George Carlin ( quote )

  5. Nelson Cacheira
    Nelson Cacheira says:

    Only useful when the machine will do what I want just by thinking it. Having to talk or clap hands and do gestures is not better than closing the blinds or turning of the lights. A button to press another button is dumb.


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