Top 5 OnePlus One Features! (Cyanogenmod 11S)


OnePlus One with Cyanogenmod 11S! Some new features exclusive to this OS.

OnePlus One:

Dat wallpaper:

Video Gear I use:

Intro/Outro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over




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  1. KidsLive
    KidsLive says:

    i saw that if you put the back of the oneplus 1 and put it on a other phone it transfers all apps/contacts and all the shit that is on the phone but it doesn't work for me what do you need to do to activate

  2. James Orona
    James Orona says:

    Question, I currently have a Google Nexus 5. Im caught between the Nexus 5x and the one touch one. since you have used both for legitimate extended periods of time. Which would you recommend? Appreciate your in depth reviews. thanks

  3. Alun Gray
    Alun Gray says:

    I ordered mine direct from Oneplus, screen arrived with marks after sending all the information they wanted over and over as they kept repeating the same questions via email complaints they tried to say I had the phone for 14 days so couldn't send it back even though 1. This was untrue as from the point I notified them it had been 9 days. 2. It was damaged so their 14 day return policy is irrelevant.
    Oneplus customer service is a joke (They don't think the Sales OF Goods Act applies to them) it took 3 weeks of emails and still not at the stage to send it back yet as I have to take a load of photos before I send it back.
    In a way this is a shame as the Oneplus looks good and feels a good build quality but I paid for a new phone not one with marks on it.
    I personally would rather pay more and get a better known brand and know they will not mess me about when there is a fault, and I would be interested to know if anyone who had a faulty phone every got it replaced/repaired as I seriously doubt it from my experience.

  4. J Iz
    J Iz says:

    Shalom = Hello

    I bought today 🙂 onefor me & one for Mom, real 'one plus one' deal :o)

    For some reason I wanted to automatically check whether double tap works as in LG G2 …
    Guess what 😛

    currently we are very ♥ Happy with OnePlus ♥

    Marques Brownlee, 10X M8, You're doing Great Job || Reviews, Good Luck 😉

    Shalom = Peace

  5. Himanshi Dhingra
    Himanshi Dhingra says:

    Hi Marques, I have been using Oneplus one cyanogenmod 11.0 from a while now and besides all the customisation the only feature that i am unable to find out is How to hide the app/message content in the notification bar (not talking about lock screen)
    Been looking for it from long, can't find it anywhere.
    If you could help me with it.


  6. Hriday Asnani
    Hriday Asnani says:

    Hey +Marques Brownlee . I am a big fan of your work, your efforts and your videos. I own a OPO(Indian version) and recently I got the official update from OPO(over the air) for Cyanogenmod 12(AndroiL) and I am facing a pretty bad time on Android L. Please help me to go back to anroid KitKat(Cyanogenmod11). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work. CHEERS. (y)

  7. Peter Bonnema
    Peter Bonnema says:

    Another cool feature of CM is that there is a setting that allows you to swipe over your statusbar to change the brightness of your screen. I really like it because I want manual control over the brightness instead of auto (which is most of the time way to bright) but now I don't have to go to settings or quicksettings every time I need to change it.


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