Top 5 OnePlus 5T Features!


OnePlus 5T one-ups its brother, but still keeps the price low. These are its best features!
That hoodie:
That wallpaper:

OnePlus 5 Review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: I got One by Alltta (Instrumental)


Phone provided by OnePlus for video.



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  1. Ked Ozman
    Ked Ozman says:

    You rock… Im a regular follower of ur YouTube channel…I know u can help me.. U know…
    Well… Need a piece of information…If u like to support me on this occasion…

    I just need to know about oneplus 5t's call volume and clearity… Is it up to the mark? I got Huawei… Is it as good as Huawei?
    In noise can one easyly hear everything loud and clear in 5T?

    Thanks in advance…

  2. The 18th Fret
    The 18th Fret says:

    Best phone I've ever owned. Tried going back to Samsung with the note 9 but it just couldn't replicate the speed and experience of using one plus. I'm holding out for the OP7

  3. Torregoshi
    Torregoshi says:

    for people watching this in 2019 and thinking of buying this phone:
    -Android Pie
    -Day 1 performance
    -Battery life (I'm still getting 5-6 hours SOT)
    -Average cam but just download Gcam Apk and it should slightly be better.
    still a great buy!


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