Top 5 Most Overpriced Tech!


Stuff that costs too damn much. Thumbs up!

5. $1,000 AudioQuest HDMI Diamond Cable [0:55]
4. Printer Ink [1:53]
3. Cell Phone Plans [2:51]
2. Apple Mac Pro [3:52]
1. Beats Pro [4:53]

Links to all the most Overpriced Tech Below!

AudioQuest $1,000 HDMI Cable:
Epson Printer Ink:
Mac Pro:
Beats Pro:

$130,000 Paper Shredder:
Sony Vaio P:
Apple Lisa:
Zenish Academy Watch:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5




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  1. Mtech
    Mtech says:

    Beats are shit. Buy respectable manufacturer like Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Shure, Audio-Technica…. All sounds much much better in same price bracket.

  2. Eara Soulous
    Eara Soulous says:

    He's not wrong about the wireless industry the companies at first did whatever they wanted because no person wanted to just idk not use internet for a short time forcing the companies to either work well or just die out. So then the government came in with title 1 which basically makes internet companies for ip setup generally within sections which even still leaves many areas with 1 maybe 2 options which forced monopolies anyways so they did whatever they wanted and then the government has tittle 2 which is basically saying the government will forge these companies to work and fine them harshly otherwise because they know companies will try anything to make more money and in turns it gives the government more money and generally more control over something that no one should control the internet. As for the cellphone industry regardless of where you live they're overpriced as all hell. Plans themselves aren't actually that expensive it's the phones themselves if you do the what used to be contracts on them and are basically leases now. But for a short time you had to straight up buy new phones and unlimited plans didn't exist didn't last long. They're back but the cost is more pricey which for data plan not a problem and such. Once again the insurance and the phone lease itself is what's costing you most of your money on your phone bills. I mean don't get me wrong my mother has what 10 devices or something with 2 tablets and like 8 phones or something. So yeah her bill for all of those is like I don't know 600-700$. A month. Until they're paid off. Kinda ridiculous actually. For me it's like for unlimited and my almost paid off S8 like 64$ with insurance and such. Per month which isn't horrible I guess. This is with sprint by the way.

  3. Retr0
    Retr0 says:

    Beats are so overrated I implore you NOT TO BUY THEM, they are awful for the price and are made out of cheap materials and I recommend skullcandy crushers

  4. Anjith H
    Anjith H says:

    In Indian internet is free and there are plenty of free WiFi zones in my area .It's ridiculous you guys have to pay soo much for internet .

  5. Arcade Bit
    Arcade Bit says:

    The thing about the printer cartidges that are delivered with the printers: These are "Demo cartridges", with a really low fill to setup the printer and printed a few pages.

  6. JuggaloSupreme
    JuggaloSupreme says:

    1) Only a complete moron would pay more than $5 for an HDMI cable. Do five minutes worth of research on that overpriced supercomputer you have in your pocket that you call a telephone, and you can easily see that even a $30 cable is a waste of money, unless maybe it's 12 ft long.

    2) I buy Canon printers because they are cheap as hell & they don't play that stupid game where you can't use it if you have third-party cartridges installed. They also don't play that stupid game where you can't print black text if you're out of magenta. Also, each printer that I buy prints great pictures & lasts me almost five years even though I never spend over 60 bucks for a printer.

    3) I haven't had a cell phone plan since about 2003. We lost a phone, and even though we never called these numbers, we got three $700 bills in a row. They cut off our phones, and it was a whole big hassle even though we reported the phone stolen immediately. I've been with TracFone ever since, and I couldn't be happier! No connection fee, no disconnection fee, when I buy my phone I own it, I can bring my own phone, and when I pay for my minutes they are mine. No overages, no bullshit, and no stupidity!

    4) I've never been dumb enough to waste my money on Apple's overpriced, restrictive, ridiculous scam machines! So this one just doesn't apply to me.

    5) I've also never been stupid enough to fall for this Beats fad either! Beats headphones are overpriced, sound terrible for what they cost, are no good as DJ headphones, and get beat out by Koss & Numark headphones that don't even cost fifty bucks! Don't waste your money! People who look at your Beats and think you're cool are just as ignorant as you are, and people like me look at you and laugh on the inside. Please, just do some research! Especially if you're silly enough to have $1,000 phone in your pocket.

  7. Andrew Pattison
    Andrew Pattison says:

    I have had a pair of beats detox pro and I did like them until I borrowed my friends bluedio u ufo. They are 10x better headphones than beats I will never go back to the darkside again


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