Top 5 Most Overpriced Tech! (Pt 2)


Stuff that costs too damn much, Part 2.

1: 10K Hard Drives [0:30]
2: Luxury Smartphones [1:27]
3: Apple Watch Edition [2:54]
4: $100 HDMI Cables [4:00]
5: Sennheiser Orpheus [4:31]

Velociraptor 10,000RPM 1TB Hard Drive:
Lamborghini smartphone:
Apple Watch Edition:
$8000 HDMI Cable:
Sennheiser Orpheus:

Panasonic 4K Toughpad:
Pono Player:
$15,000 charging cable:

Most Expensive Sh*t with 2 Chainz:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee




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  1. Andrius Dukšta
    Andrius Dukšta says:

    Including mechanical watch in another episode and Panasonic Though* in this one really shows that you should stick to talking about stuff you actually KNOW. You discredited yourself with those 2 choices, since there are very valid reasons for their prices, not just marketing.

  2. TLR Eclipse
    TLR Eclipse says:

    do not confuse Luxury with High price , Luxury is about convenience. Price is about a statement/style, when two products produce similar results at different price which is truly luxurious the thing you spent more on or thing that saved you money? Sure its awesome to own a pricey phone or a flashy car but you still are restricted to speed limits whether its on the freeway or by your Network provider, which is real the luxury?

  3. Benji Martwick
    Benji Martwick says:

    Music production hardware in general.

    Teenage Engineering OP-1 is basically a gimmicky midi board and countless other music controllers come to mind. These companies love to have ridiculous prices on their hardware because it's focused for such a niche market that is so desperate to get studio quality sound at home.

  4. Mal HQ
    Mal HQ says:

    One thing some companies don't get is that in technology the luxury isn't really always the design, it's the specs and then they sell those phones with standard specs but maybe a gold body or diamond display but after a few years when the specs are out dated then the phone will be as useless as any other phone with outdated specs but unlike those you have wasted at the end tons and tons more money


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