Top 5 iOS 11 Features!


iOS 11 has been revealed. This is the best of what’s new!

Best of WWDC 2017 Announcements:

iPhone blueprint wallpaper:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Good Ship by Alltta




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  1. supershark 9k
    supershark 9k says:

    Now all they need is a command that goes something like this.

    Hay Siri

    Stop letting the I cloud get hacked!

    Then you wait and wait and wait the iPhone gets hot and starts opening apps restarting and then all the funds in the Apple Pay account have gone to god knows where

    Factory reset the phone and have a week of normal operation then it’s back to the ifuckery

  2. Eddie Sanchez
    Eddie Sanchez says:

    So if I were to get a brand new iPhone 6 that would already have the iOS 11 would it still be as slow as an iPhone 6 that someone has had since the day it came out?

  3. Cj Sarong
    Cj Sarong says:

    How to fix the color of picture when you used the dark mode for iOS 11. ?? When I send picture in messenger it became so dark or kinda shadowy., how to fix it. Help

  4. David Jador
    David Jador says:

    Marques Brownlee I have a question regarding the security of the Iphone. Why there's not an option where you need to enter your code to turn it off? When someone steals your Iphone, the thief turns it off and it's useless to use icloud to look for it. If it was needed the Touch Id to turn it off, you would have at least 1 day to track it.

  5. Robert McGlyn Jr
    Robert McGlyn Jr says:

    iOS 11 just added many items/ features that were either ALREADY on Android's OS's (except for Do Not Disturb While Driving) or you could just simply download them in the Google Play Store

  6. PussySlayer 441
    PussySlayer 441 says:

    All of the Screenshot things is from iOS 10, New Visual App Store Is from iOS 10, New, Faster Siri That Can Translate is from iOS 10, changing text on Siri is from iOS 9, Small Visuals are from iOS 10, Transitions Are from iOS 10 And The Control Centre is from iOS 10 as well. This is Pissing Me Off (Watch EverythingApplePro)

  7. Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake says:

    I have never used an iPhone but held the UI in high regard,but unfortunately with so many Android skins mimicking the iOS design , it makes the actual one not look special for me.

  8. Jasper_Lau
    Jasper_Lau says:

    Although the hey siri trick is very useful, it can drain your battery life because it's constantly scanning your surroundings which can drain your battery. IMO i rather not have this feature.


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